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Films and teleplays

Your cheatin’ heart
  TV serial written by John Byrne, 6 × 50 minutes
  transmitted : BBC1 – 1990-10-11/P6W


The trick is to keep breathing
  play by Michael Boyd, after the novel by Janice Galloway
  presented : Tron Theatre, (Glasgow ? and) London – 199x


The trick is to keep breathing
  radio play by Michael Boyd based on his stage adaptation of the novel by Janice Galloway (see above)
  recorded : BBC Radio – 1997-06
  transmitted : BBC Radio 4 – 1997-12-01T19:45/P1H30M

Recorded music – promo videos

What you do with what you’ve got
  no further details available

Patience of angels
  no further details available

Joke (I’m laughing)
  no further details available

Dear John
  no further details available

Town without pity
  Propaganda Films/Bedlam; Encore Video; April 15, 1996; (c) Warner Music UK Ltd
  cassette reference (PAL master) : GB-130-96-0096-0

  no further details available

Recorded live music – television/video/film

Top of the pops
  backing vocals for The Eurythmics performing ‘Sweet dreams (are made of this)’
  transmitted : BBC1 – 1983-02-24; repeated on Top of the pops 2 : BBC2 - 1998-02-21T17:19/P4M

Top of the pops
  Fairground Attraction performing ‘Perfect’
  transmitted : BBC1 – 1988-04-15;
  a snippet of this was shown in the Today’s the day quiz show, BBC2 – 1998-04-15T17:30/P30M

Later, with Jools Holland
  transmitted : BBC2 – 1994-12 or 1995-01; repeated BBC2 – 1995-04-18T00:50/P1H05M
  [possibly replaced Sinead O’Connor at short notice]

[New Year celebration]
  live from .... Club in Edinburgh
  one of a number of music acts in the programme
  transmitted live : BBC1 – 1996-01-01T00:01(/P?)

Later, with Jools Holland
  guest vocalist with Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra performing ‘Waiting game’
  transmitted : BBC2 – 1996-11-23T23:05/P1H

Candyfloss & medicine
  live show recorded : Aberdeen – 1996-09-16
  transmitted : Scottish TV – 1997-01-01T00:15/P1H and Grampian TV – 1997-03-21T21:00/P1H

Brian Kennedy
  guest artist
  transmitted : Northern Ireland TV – 1997-03-20(/P?)

Transatlantic sessions 2
  second series of programmes with Aly Bain and guests from American and Celtic traditions
  Eddi, Boo and the ‘house’ band perform ‘Hummingbird’ and ‘Footsteps fall’
  Eddi does some backing vocals for other artists (on other programmes?)
  transmitted : BBC2 Scotland – 1998-10-23T21:00/P30M

Cambridge Folk Festival
  second of two programmes of extracts from the 1998 festival
  Eddi and band perform ‘Hummingbird’, the first item in the sequence
  transmitted : BBC2 – 1999-01-01T13:35/P40M

Songs of praise
  the weekly programme of Christian music and inspiration visits Edinburgh
  Eddi talks about her faith; Eddi, Boo and Neill perform ‘Patience of angels’ (c. 5 minutes total)
  music recorded: Edinburgh Cathedral – 1998-12-29
  transmitted : BBC1 – 1999-01-17T17:30/P35M

[probably some items missing here!]

Celtic connections
  BBC selection of items from the annual festival, Glasgow, 2009
  recorded : ‘Auld lang syne’ concert, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow - 2009-01-24
  transmitted : BBC (not yet transmitted?)
  web : BBC Scotland Celtic Connections 2009 site
  Eddi,... and Scottish chamber orchestra? perform:
    Ae fond kiss (Burns, arr. Reader...)
    Leezie Lindsay (Burns, arr. Reader...)
    Willie Stewart (Burns, arr. Reader...)

Recorded live music – audio

The evening show, Simon Mayo
  [including Fairground Attraction session of four tracks]
  recorded : London, BBC Maida Vale, Studio 4 – 1988-03-20
  transmitted : BBC Radio 1 – 1988-04-05T19:30/P2H30M

Candyfloss & medicine
  live show recorded : London, Shepherds Bush Empire – 1996-07-25
  transmitted : BBC Radio 2 – 1997-03-23T18:00/P1H

Celtic Connections
  live show recorded : Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall – 1997-01-28
  excerpts transmitted : Radio Scotland – 1997-04-29T19:00/P2H – “Celtic Conections” programme

[In concert]
  live show recorded : Harlesden, London, Mean Fiddler – 1997-12-16
  transmitted : BBC Radio 2 – 1998-05-02T20:00/P1H


All or nothing
  transmitted : BBC2 – ?

No stilettoes
  [music series introduced and contributed to by Eddi]

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