the song
title : Send for Henny
written by : The Trash Can Sinatras (comprising Frank Reader, John Douglas, Paul Livingston and others ? )
song copyright : 1993 Go! Discs Music Ltd

the performance
Frank Reader lead vocal, guitar/keyboard?
John Douglas guitar, backing vocal
Paul Livingston guitar
Stevie Mulhearn piano, keyboards?
Stephen Douglas drums, percussion
with :
Eddi Reader backing vocal
key : E major
time-signature : 4/4
tempo : MM 97
form : V B Vx B′ V B″ M V′ Mx v

provided for research and private study only (see above for copyright details):

Send for Henny

you lead me headlong
to the place where I belong
given big blows
to what my heart knows

old hat and old stories

I get a little red
and I’ll burst rather than wax and melt
get a little wrecked
and recall how I curse the fact of your tortured trust

now that’s gone I was so wrong
we know where our love lies
through the catacombs we roam

come into my house
throw open the windows wide
then back to your house
to do likewise

cliché time, more or less
I’ll stake my claim
you stake my heart
striking dumb then dearly depart

when it gets too heavy
send for Henny
I’ll follow her

where wet-nursed apologies {wet-nursed apologies}
and putrid prisons mix {putrid prisons mix}
our love becomes this useless {our love becomes this}
box of tricks {box of tricks}
when it seems so heavy

send for Henny {send for Henny}
I’ll follow her
{follow her
follow her
follow her
follow her
follow her

do likewise
get Henny
get Henny
get Henny
get Henny

the recording
produced by : The Trashcan Sinatras?
recorded by : Niall Macaulay in Glasgow, Scotland on 2009-11-23 or 2009-11-25
mixed by : Tony Morland (live sound) and Niall Macaulay?
mastered by : Calum Malcolm in East Lothian, Scotland
track timing : 3:44
song timing : 3:26
released on
album : In the music (US version only) track 12