the song
title : Temperance of peace
written by : Roddy Hart
song copyright : © 2006 copyright control

the performance
Roddy Hart lead and backing vocals, classical guitar, bass guitar, piano, Mellotron, glockenspiel
with :
Stephen Douglas drums
Marco Rea backing vocal
Eddi Reader backing vocal
key : C major; verse has modal chords
time-signature : 12/8
tempo : MM 60
form : V C V C M c

not available here for copyright reasons

the recording
produced by : Roddy Hart with Paul McGeechan
recorded by : Iain Graham assisted by Chris Gordon at Paw Paw Studios and Park Lane Studios, Glasgow in autumn and winter, 2005
mixed by : Roddy Hart with Paul McGeechan
mastered by : Chris Gordon with Paul McGeechan
signal path : DDD
track timing : 3:14
song timing : 3:10
released on
album : Bookmarks track 3