the song
title : Gaté gaté
written by : David Hughes
song copyright : © 1984 Tritec Music Ltd

the performance
David Hughes vocals, guitar?
? keyboards/programming?
Andy Herbert bass
? drums, percussion
? [female] joint lead vocals
Eddi Reader joint lead vocals?
with :
The Kick Horns :
Simon C. Clarke saxophones
Tim Sanders saxophones
Roddy Lorimer trumpet
B. S[…] [some sort of horn]
key : k
time-signature : 4/4
tempo : MM 132
form : i v C V CX v C

this is my best shot at transcribing the lyrics, which are frequently obscure both in sound and in sense(!); they are provided for research and private study only (see above for copyright details):

Gaté gaté

gaté gaté gaté gaté [etc.]

illusion left behind
this spirit wondering why
into wild spaces wand your way
follow me away from […] illusion
[bare] no return
make history
there’s a […]
for […] there’s no release on […]
it’s time to […]

gaté gaté [etc.]

– guitar solo with sax interjections

[…] illusion
gaté gaté gaté gaté [etc.]

this track is mostly instrumental and all the vocals are multiple (hence the lack of colour coding here); the verse is sung by two female voices as joint lead vocal and the higher one certainly could be Eddi

the recording
produced by : Geoff Gurd
recorded by : ? at ?
mixed by : ? at ?
mastered by : ? at ?
track timing : 4:06
song timing : m:ss
released on
single : Away from the heat track B1