the song
title : Beautiful rain
written by : Eddi Reader (lyrics) and Takeshi “Tico” Toki (music)
song copyright : © 1999 Redemption Songs / Fujipacific Music Inc. / prime direction inc.

the performance
Takeshi “Tico” Toki steel pans
Ikuma Sasaki guitar
Hakase keyboards, piano, vibraphone
Seiji “Big bird” upright bass
with :
Koji Oishi drums, percussion
Eddi Reader lead vocal
Kenta Tajika percussion
Genichi Tamura pedal steel
key : E major
time-signature : 4/4
tempo : MM 80
form : v V V V v VX V P

provided for research and private study only (see above for copyright details):

Beautiful rain

carved on my skin
tattooed and tear-stained
you’re beautiful
oh you’re beautiful
your beautiful name

you made me happy
you gave me peace
you drove me insane
ah but you’re beautiful
your beautiful rain

tall as a lily I
trip through your doorway and I fall
sometimes I see you in the
mirror, in the beautiful all


black as the raven’s feather
wet as the rain over me

you reign over me
ah you’re beautiful
beautiful rain


some say we never die
like the moon we only wax and wane
look, you’ll see us in the sky
in the stars and in the beautiful rain
ah-ha, you’re beautiful
beautiful rain

oh-yeah, beautiful
beautiful rain

you’ll see us in the sky
you’ll see us in the beautiful rain
you’re beautiful
beautiful rain

you’ll see us in the sky
you’ll see us in the water and beautiful rain
oh, you’re beautiful
beautiful rain
, ah-ah
ah you’re beautiful
beautiful rain

yeah, da-de-da-de-dah

the recording
produced by : Little Tempo
recorded by : Naoyuki Uchida at Coco Studio, Space Verio, Tokyo
mixed by : Henry Holder (The dub band) at Sparkside Studio, Brixton, London
mastered by : Toru Kotetsu at JVC Mastering Center
track timing : 4:59
song timing : 4:57
released on
single : Usual things track 2

apparently another track where Eddi has added lyrics as well as her vocal performance, as in her contributions to Elephant Talk’s Head album, with which this lyric shares some ideas and phrases (compare ‘Flyer and ‘Tibet’)

Little Tempo play with a reggae-influenced sound and here Tico’s steel pans provide the characteristic high off-beat chords &ndash this is well outside Eddi’s normal territory but her gentle vocal and dreamy lyrics suit the languid mood exactly
Adrian Dover