the song
title : Black lines
written by : Neill MacColl, Calum MacColl, Robert Bond III and Leroy Lendor (Liberty Horses)
song copyright : © 1993 Rough Trade Recordings Ltd or copyright control

the performance
Neill MacColl lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica, autoharp
Calum MacColl vocals, guitars, dulcimer, keyboards, whistles
Leroy Lendor bass
Robert Bond III drums, keyboards
with :
Eddi Reader additional singing
key : ?
time-signature : ?
tempo : MM
form : ?

Not available here for copyright reasons

the recording
produced by : Liberty Horses
recorded by : Terry Medhurst, Roger Askew, Ian Caple and/or Paul Gomersall at Loco, Joe’s Garage and/or The Stone Room
mixed by : Paul Gomersall, Terry Medhurst and/or Mark Wallis at Joe’s Garage or Roundhouse
mastered by : ?at ?
track timing :
song timing : m:ss
released on
album : Joyland track 10