the song
title : Touch the radio “dance”; later titled Touch the radio dance
written by : Steve(n) Hale
song copyright : © 1983 WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)

the performance
Steve(n) Hale lead vocal, percussion
James Lee guitar
Eddi Reader lead backing vocal, joint backing vocals
Nassim Khalifa backing vocals
Debbie King backing vocals
key : modal A minor
time-signature : 4/4
tempo : MM 122
form : album version : ?
single version : ?
‘Retouch’ remix version : ?

not available here for copyright reasons

the recording
produced by : Alan Shacklock with Steven Hale (single versions?)
recorded by : Mike Pela at Power Plant Studios, London
mixed by : Mike Pela? at Power Plant Studios, London?
mastered by : (US release) Frank DeLuna at A&M Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
signal path : AAA
track timings : album version : 6:49
single version : 3:36
‘Retouch’ remix version : 6:59
released on
single : Touch the radio dance album version : side 1, track 1
single version : side 2, track 1
‘Retouch’ remix version : side 2, track 2
album : Alphabet city (album version) side 2, track 1

Eddi’s backing vocals on this track involve early examples of her characteristic ‘wail’, including a couple of stratospheric ones (only one of which appears in the single version); another of the female vocalists (possibly Nassim Khalifa, which is a female name here – see the page about her on Last.FM) gives an ‘oriental’ phrase several times

in the Retouch version the male vocals are omitted from the mix, meaning that Eddi is a sort of lead vocalist here
Adrian Dover