the song
title : Stepping softly
written by : John Foxx
song copyright : © 1985 copyright control

the performance
John Foxx vocals, ‘all other instruments’ (keyboards, guitar?)
with :
Sadenia Reader backing vocals
Wix drums
key : G major
time-signature : 4/4
tempo : MM 58
form : v V C V m V Cx ½v

not available here for copyright reasons

the recording
produced by : John Foxx
recorded by : Richard Whaley at The Garden studio, London
mixed by : Richard Whaley at The Garden studio, London
mastered by : CD: Chris Thorpe at Serendipity
signal path : LP: AAA?; CD: AAD
track timing : 3:58
song timing : 3:56
released on
album : In mysterious ways track 8

the backing vocals comprise swirling multi-tracked patterns and are used very effectively in the intro and playout sections and in the vocalise middle eight; well worth hearing a couple of times as an example of the young Eddi
Adrian Dover