the song
title : Whispers
written by : Eddi Reader
song copyright : © 1988 BMG Entertainment International UK & Ireland Ltd

the performance
Eddi Reader vocal
Mark E. Nevin acoustic guitar
Simon Edwards guitaron (Mexican acoustic bass)
Roy Dodds drum kit, percussion
with :
Roger Beaujolais glockenspiel
key : D major
time-signature : 4/4
tempo : MM 112
form : V V C V V C v V p

provided for research and private study only (see above for copyright details):


the way she whispers the stories I have heard
in captivation my eyes are wide with her word
so much respect in here
my heart is blowing up to burst

with one step forward she leads me by the hand
I think I’ll make it with stars up in the sky
they show we’re all the same
and someday soon they say we all must die

tell them all
wrap them up in fire with your love
here I am
ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, hi-i-i-ya

somebody told me the answer’s in the fight
grab all you can, take everything in sight
don’t care if I sit here forever
holding nothing but my heart

she whispered to me it makes no difference
you get what you give and only then just enough
to make you happy
no more, no less, too much is too absurd

tell them all
wrap them up in fire with your love
here I am
ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, hi-ya

she speaks in silence, her work is never done
but still goes on till the battle she has won
but for a moment I thought I saw her
dancing in the stars

– with vocalise

the recording
produced by : Fairground Attraction and Kevin Moloney
recorded by : Kevin Moloney, assisted by Alistair Johnson at Chipping Norton Studios
mixed by : Kevin Moloney at ?
mastered by : ? at ?
track timing : 3:50
song timing : m:ss
released on
album : First of a million kisses track 11
album : Best selection (comp., Japan) track 14
album : The masters (comp.) track 9
album : Perfect (comp., US?) track 13
album : The very best of Fairground Attraction (comp.) track 9