the song
title : Katie
written by : Elephant Talk; lyrics and vocal melody by Eddi Reader
song copyright : © 1998 Maybey, Sykes, Greenfield / copyright control

the performance
Josef Greenfield tenor saxophone, hammer dulcimer, didgeridoo
Adrian Sykes synths and programming, flute, bamboo flute, jaw harp
Jon Maybey guitar, bass
with :
Bhupinder Chaggar tabla
Mark Chillington live drums, percussion
Eddi Reader lead vocal, backing vocal?
key : A major (modal melody)
time-signature : 2/2
tempo : MM 82
form : v VR b VR b v v v v VRx

this is my best shot at transcribing the lyrics, which are frequently obscure both in sound and in sense(!); they are provided for research and private study only (see above for copyright details):


wednesday, and Katie’s home
we put the kettle on
she laughs with the rushes of the children
my heart is filled with the shape of her

she’s home

turning into our gas and Katie’s home
will there be enough to eat
she’s rushing down the banister
oh me, blank it off
there’s the back of her

she’s home

– zither/dulcimer solo; guitar riff; saxophone solo then with vocalise

walking to the outer crown
fifteen million years […]
the grey will not my
breathing [toes foul]
in the supermarket well here I am

she’s home
she’s home
she’s home
she is home
ah, she’s home, ah
she’s home
she’s home

the recording
produced by : Dave Creffield
recorded by : Dave Creffield at Beaumont Street Studios, Huddersfield, England, April-November 1998; vocals recorded at Matrix Studios, London
mixed by : Dave Creffield and Elephant Talk at Beaumont Street Studios, Huddersfield, England
mastered by : ? in ?
signal path : DDD
track timing : 4:40
song timing : 4:36
released on
album : Head track 5