the song
title : Smile
written by : John Douglas
song copyright : © 2008? John Douglas (MCPS)

the performance
Eddi Reader vocals, backing vocals
with :
Roy Dodds? drums, percussion
John Douglas? acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Boo Hewerdine acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Alan Kelly accordion
Kevin McGuire? double bass?
Jack Maher? acoustic guitar
key : D major
time-signature : 4/4
tempo : MM 100
form : V C V C M c V Cx P

provided for research and private study only (see above for copyright details):


have you ever found yourself just out walking
trying to escape some old love memory that’s stalking?
feeling like a christian child forced into confession
admitting to yourself the feeling that is your obsession
everybody’s asking you: “how are you these days,
are you alright?”

just smile {smile}
just smile {smile}
it’ll be alright in a little while

do you recall a time when love was all that mattered
so you put your best foot forward and your heart got bruised and battered?
funny how the things you love the most seem to cause you sorrow
forget about the past and just start living for tomorrow
realise that every road you go down
is mapping out your life

just smile {smile}
just smile {smile}
it’ll be alright

{aah etc.}
you believe there’s nothing else
than the hand that you’ve been dealt
I believe there must be something else

and every now and then you go out drinking
but for one night on the town you spend three at home just sinking
finally you realise you still gotta do some living
try to find the good things in this life that you’ve been given
maybe then you’ll come into the light
and see the world with brand new eyes

you’ll just smile {smile}
just smile {smile}
just smile {smile}
you’ll just smile


the recording
produced by : Eddi Reader
recorded by : Mark Freegard at 3kyoti studio, Glasgow, 2008;
additional recording by Teddy Borowiecki in ‘his mum’s garage’, somewhere in Canada
mixed by : Mark Freegard and Eddi Reader at 3kyoti studio, Glasgow, 2008
mastered by : Mark Freegard at 3kyoti studio, Glasgow, 2008
signal path : DDD
track timing : 3:50
song timing : 3:47
released on
album : Love is the way [VICP-64749, Japan only] track 15