the song
title : Prisons
written by : John Douglas
song copyright : John Douglas (PRS)
source recording : not exactly a source, but John Douglas and his mates in the Trashcan Sinatras (including Eddi’s brother Frank) later recorded this for their In the music album (2009), where the writing is credited to the band

the performance
Eddi Reader lead and backing vocals
with :
Roy Dodds drums, percussion
John Douglas acoustic guitars, backing vocal
Ewen Vernal double bass
key : F sharp major
time-signature : 4/4
tempo : MM 107
form : VR VR vR v

provided for research and private study only (see above for copyright details):


grow into visions
end up in prisons
little decisions
I’ve got to find me a preacher man
I’ve got to make decisions
may be he’ll show me
a vision of the day he was risen
and I’ll rise right out of this prison
may be he’ll decide
let the devil ride

it’s his decision
and the way I’m living
I know I’ve been sinning
so bring on
a vision of the day he was risen
can I rise right out of this prison?
consider me
well in better times
with less on my mind


a vision of the day I was risen
well I tell myself I’m forgiven
I will rise right out of this prison
in better times
with less on my mind


the recording
produced by : John McCusker
recorded by : Andy Seward at Pure Records Studio, Yorkshire, 2006;
possible additional recording at PawPaw Productions and Park Lane Studios, Glasgow;
additional engineering by Paul McGeechan and Keith Bird (at Park Lane?), Iain Graham (at PawPaw?) and Joe Rusby (at Pure?)
mixed by : Andy Seward assisted by John McCusker and Boo Hewerdine at Pure Records Studio, Yorkshire?
mastered by : Calum Malcolm in ?
signal path : DDD
track timing : 2:38
song timing : 2:33
released on
album : Peacetime track 5