the song
title : Psychic reader
written by : Eddi Reader
song copyright : © 1998 Warner Music UK Ltd

the performance
Eddi Reader vocal
Boo Hewerdine acoustic guitar
Johnny Scott acoustic and electric guitar?
Calum MacColl slide guitar
Teddy Borowiecki piano, Hammond organ, harmonium, keyboards, melodica ?
Tim Harries 5-string electric bass, acoustic bass
Roy Dodds drums, percussion
key : D major
time-signature : 6/8
tempo : MM 52
form : V C V M ½V p

provided for research and private study only (see above for copyright details):

Psychic reader

psychic reader just a block away
are you feeling sore
palm readin’ just a walk away
and my feet are sore
we’re wearing starlight out
no burning my eye

lift your head up we’ll read your thoughts
we’ll read your palms
your stars and your feet and your shadows

god and she left him nothing
that poor boy
and the beautiful thing is they call it karma
yes they does

and they made everything
the brightness and your shadows and your shallow hea-a-a-a-rt

doh! turn right
you went the wrong way
there ain’t no one there         (see explanations below)

but I’ll let you read my hand
I’ll cross your palm
and give you silver love

well here we are
at last


the lyrics printed in the album booklet seem to take their cue from the free-form nature of the song with Eddi spelling ‘your’ as ‘yur’ and ‘love’ as ‘luv’, presumably to imitate the colloquial speech of a palm-reader or fortune-teller. She also added the following text in brackets where noted:

and you’re all on your own anyway…
it’s all utter piffle…bollocks…nonsense…complete rip-off…
you’re wasting your time anyway

although this is not sung, or even spoken, on the recording

the recording
produced by : Eddi Reader and Boo Hewerdine
co-produced by : Rafe McKenna
recorded by : Barry Hammond at Chipping Norton Studios in 1997-04
mixed by : Rafe McKenna at Britannia Row Studios and/or The Roundhouse Studios, London
mastered by : ? at ?
track timing : 4:13
song timing : m:ss
released on
album : Angels & electricity track 11