the song
title : Oceanlove
written by : Jacob Eriksen and Twin/Fernando/Twin
song copyright : © 2000 BMG Music Publishing, Denmark

the performance
Eddi Reader vocal
with :
The Irish Film Orchestra orchestra
key : C major
time-signature : 2/2
tempo : MM 54   (approximately – it fluctuates a bit)
form : I V C I

provided for research and private study only (see above for copyright details):


mmm-da-da {etc.}

come close your eyes, take my hand
why don’t you jump with me
deep into the great unknown
a fantasy
an ocean to explore
where no one’s gone before
wonders everywhere
I’ll take you there

deep in the sea
I’ll show you what I’m dreaming of
jump now with me
let me be your oceanlove

mmm-da-da {etc.}

The quoted time-signature is guesswork: the laid-back feel to this track suggests a slowish pulse but the texted part of the vocal and some of the orchestral parts move at quite a fast four-in-the-bar so 2/2 is, I feel, the best compromise.

I have labelled the texted sections as verse and chorus because those are their functions, even though there is no repetition to highlight this. The vocalise section sounds like an introduction, and I have given it as such, despite its recurrence at the end. There may be analysts among you, however, who will prefer to express the form as a non-committal A B C A instead.

the recording
produced by : Claus Kilpatrick and Twin/Fernando/Twin
recorded by : Mark Tucker and Lewis Jones at Windmill Lane Recording Studios?, Dublin; vocal recorded at Lansdown Recording Studios, London?
mixed by : Mark Tucker
mastered by : Jan Eliasson at Tocano Nyhavn
track timing : 1:55
song timing : 1:52
released on
album : Hjælp!: Jeg er en fisk, CD 1 track 11

This short meditation, over a lush orchestral background, is very different to most of the other music on this soundtrack album and, without having see the cartoon feature itself, it’s difficult to see how it fits in with the film from which it comes.