the song
title : Howling in Ojai
written by : Eddi Reader, David Piltch and Dean Parks
song copyright : © 1993 Redemption Songs Ltd

the performance
Eddi Reader vocal
Dean Parks guitar
David Piltch bass
key : on a B
time-signature : none
tempo : MM 72
form : none

Howling in Ojai

none (see the commentary below!)

Ojai, in California, is the location of the El Mirador Studios where much of the Eddi Reader album was recorded. To the north-west of Los Angeles, it lies between Mt. Pinos and the Pacific.

the recording
produced by : Greg Penny
recorded by : Jon Ingoldsby at El Mirador, Ojai, California
mixed by : Jon Ingoldsby assisted by Andy Strange at Air Studios, London
mastered by : Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, LA
track timing : 1:28
song timing : m:ss
released on
album : Eddi Reader track 9


One assumes that this track was improvised in the studio by the three musicians credited. Perhaps it was one of those ‘free form’ studio moments which was captured by accident on tape, or possibly some deliberate jamming took place with a view to including anything worthwhile on the album?

Although the following words are printed in the album booklet in the place and style of lyrics for this track, one cannot actually hear Eddi sing anything but the ‘howling’.

big moon
big stars
did you get it?
do you get it?

Possibly the printed matter is intended as a commentary on the circumstances of the recording (“Midnight, Big moon, Big stars”) and the listening (“Did you get it?, Do you get it?”), or perhaps there are private reasons for these words?

Adrian Dover