the song
title : The Glasgow Barrowlands
written by : traditional, arr. Ricky Ross and Eddi Reader
song copyright : none; arr. © 1991 Poor Music Ltd and MCA Music Ltd

the performance
Eddi Reader lead vocal
with :
? accordion
? double bass ?
? drums
? dance orchestra (solo strings, flute, clarinet, sax?)
key : C major
time-signature : 6/8
tempo : MM 61
form : V ½v V v v ½V

The Glasgow Barrowlands

oh, it was at the Glasgow Barrowlands he asked me for a dance
I knew he was a fly man but I had to take a chance
the mirror ball was sparkling, the band played ‘The last waltz’
and after the dance was over he asked to take me home

ah-da-da-da-da-dah, etc.

oh, it was at the Glasgow Barrowlands into his arms I fell
he promised me silks and satins, and a diamond ring as well
I got no silks and satins, I got no diamond ring
all I got was a cradle… to rock the baby in

ah-da-da-da-dah, etc.

now listen all you good girls: take a tip from me
and never let a chancer an inch above your knee

the Glasgow Barrowlands is/was a dance hall and popular music venue in […] Street, Glasgow (can anyone fill in the blank for me, please)

the recording
produced by : Ricky Ross
recorded by : Robin Rankin and M. Jarrett at ?
mixed by : ? at ?
mastered by : ? at Cava Sound Workshops ?
track timing : 2:22
song timing : 2:21
released on
album : The tree and the bird and the fish and the bell track 5

Ricky Ross, founder of the group Deacon Blue, was one of the main forces behind the fundraising album for which this song was recorded