the song
title : Galileo (someone like you)
written by : Declan O’Rourke
song copyright : © 2005? BMG Music Publishing Ltd
Eddi said
…that she learnt this directly from Declan
sleeve note for album

the performance
Eddi Reader vocal
with :
Ian Carr acoustic guitar
John Douglas acoustic guitar
Michael McGoldrick flute
Ewen Vernal double bass
and guests :
Rudi DeGroote cello
Kobus Frick viola
Greg Lawson violin
Fiona Stephen violin
key : F major
time-signature : 6/8
tempo : MM 57
form : V C M V Cx

provided for research and private study only (see above for copyright details):

Galileo (someone like you)

Galileo fell in love
as a Galilean boy
and he wondered what in heavens
who’d invented such a joy
but the question got the better
of his scientific mind
and to his blind and dying day
he’d look up high
and often sigh
and sometimes cry –

“who puts the rainbows in the sky?
who lights the stars at night
who dreamt up someone so divine
someone like you and made them mine?”

love can make you ask some funny questions now and then
but just remember the alternative, for I remember when

I was lonely and unhappy
and my lips were cold as ice
still you kissed me and good heavens
now I’m here in paradise
so if ever I’m not kissing you or looking in your eyes
I won’t be blind and I won’t cry
I’ll look up high
and gladly sigh
and thank the guy –

who put the rainbows in the sky
who lights the stars at night
who dreamt up someone so divine
someone like you and made them mine?

someone like you and made them mine?

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), Italian scientist, noted for his discoveries in physics and astronomy

the recording
produced by : John McCusker
recorded by : Andy Seward at Pure Records Studio, Yorkshire, 2006;
possible additional recording at PawPaw Productions and Park Lane Studios, Glasgow;
additional engineering by Paul McGeechan and Keith Bird (at Park Lane?), Iain Graham (at PawPaw?) and Joe Rusby (at Pure?)
mixed by : Andy Seward assisted by John McCusker and Boo Hewerdine at Pure Records Studio, Yorkshire?
mastered by : Calum Malcolm in ?
signal path : DDD
track timing : 3:10
song timing : 3:06
released on
album : Peacetime track 12