the song
title : Candyfloss
written by : Eddi Reader and Boo Hewerdine
song copyright : © 1996 Warner Music UK Ltd
source recording : Boo recorded his version for his album Baptist hospital (1996), but as it was co-written with Eddi neither can be said to be a primary source
Eddi said
“Of being in an almost unbearable situation. But what’s interesting is the sweetness of the word ‘candyfloss’ which is represented by the strings and the darkness of the meaning which is pushed at you through the David Lynch guitar sounds.”
Candyfloss and medicine press release

the performance
Eddi Reader lead vocal
Teddy Borowiecki electric bass
Boo Hewerdine electric guitar
Calum MacColl bowed guitar
David Piltch electric bass
Roy Dodds percussion, voice percussion, cymbals
with :
The Electra Strings :
Jules Singleton, Sonia Slaney,
Sally Herbert, Anna Hemery,
Jocelyn Pook, Claire Orsler,
Dinah Beamish and Sian Bell
Kat Evans electric violin
key : D major
time-signature : 4/4
tempo : MM 109
form : V V C V C

provided for research and private study only (see above for copyright details):


candyfloss between my ears
I’ve been getting this way for years
now I’m so dumb, if I walk and chew gum
it’s a miracle

it’s a miracle

candyfloss behind my eyes
I see no clouds, I see blue skies
now I’m so tame, if you ask my name
and I don’t think twice

it’s a miracle

get me out of here {get me out of here}
’cos I know that if I stay
that I will melt away

like candyfloss

this hollow heart inside of me
you can hold it up, you can hear the sea {ah-ee-ah}
and if violins {ah} can do me in
is that a miracle?

that’s not a miracle

get me out of here {get me out of here}
’cos I know that if I stay
that I will melt away
get me out of here {get me out of here}
because if you make me stay
I know I’ll melt away

like candyfloss
like candyfloss

Verse three perhaps needs a couple of comments because Eddi’s interpretation alters the more straightforward words found in Boo’s version. The “hollow heart” conceit refers to the shushing, sea-like ‘white-noise’ that one hears when holding a sea-shell to one’s ear; Boo sings “I found a shell inside of me” as the first line of this verse. I think one has to assume that Eddi intends us to understand the “violins” as being massed in a slushy string section of the ‘ro-mantovani’ type (quite unlike the Electra strings of course!). Boo has “simple things” at this point, which of course fits the conceit of the song rather more closely!

the recording
produced by : Eddi Reader and Teddy Borowiecki
recorded by : Gerry O’Riordan assisted by Dan Gilliland, Mark Chambers and Ron Warshow at The Snake Ranch, Lots Road, Chelsea, London
mixed by : David Bottrill at Eden Studios, Acton, London
mastered by : Tim Young at Metropolis
track timing : 3:23
song timing : m:ss
released on
album : Candyfloss and medicine (UK, Japan) track 9
album : Candyfloss and medicine (US) track 2