the song
title : Broken vows
written by : Eddi Reader and Roy Dodds
song copyright : © 1991 MCA Music Ltd / copyright control (?)

the performance
Eddi Reader vocal, vocal percussion, concertina
Phil Steriopulos double bass
Roy Dodds drums
with :
Dominic Millar guitar
Huw Warren accordion
key : C major
time-signature : 4/4
tempo : MM 66
form : i V V v V v V N

provided for research and private study only (see above for copyright details):

Broken vows


you say God bless
what else now in your party town
you won’t rest tonight
the party is alight
and the people are pretty

blue eyes, you changed your vows
now we have parted in doubt
no doubt at all
no reasoning enough

– ‘hawaiian’ sounding guitar solo

and rest my love
until death does fly you away
the time will come
when forgetful’s easier

– more guitar solo

when forgetful’s easier
and rest my love
rest my love
when forgetful is easier

the recording
produced by : The Patron Saints of Imperfection
recorded by : Terry Medhurst at Helicon Mountain Studio, London
mixed by : Terry Medhurst? at Helicon Mountain Studio?
mastered by : ? at Townhouse?
track timing : 5:08
song timing : m:ss
released on
single : All or nothing track 2
album : Mirmama [BVCP-176, BVCM-37434] track 12
album : Mirmama [7 4242 2] track 12

Obviously a song directed to an unfaithful love, but can anyone supply the correct lyrics so we can get a handle on the expression, please?