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Apologies that over the last few years various personal matters have meant that there has been very little work on developing this site, even keeping the news page up to date has proved difficult:

sorry about that!

Following the withdrawal by Birmingham University, UK, of support for academic websites not relating to employees’ work, and the resulting move to another server, work on the site again ground to a halt, but I’m pleased to say that it has restarted over the last few months and I am proud to be able now to present the updated site.

The look hasn’t changed much, but there are lots more obscure items in the discography, the lyrics have been corrected where possible (e.g. from the Japanese Mirmama booklet) and also now show backing vocals and refrains, bridges and choruses more clearly. The historical gigs list is more (but not completely) up to date, and I hope to add more set-lists and reviews of particular gigs soon. Not much has changed elsewhere on the site in terms of the information – only the HTML has improved – this is something else I hope to work on eventually.

As ever, if you spot a mistake, please let me know.

Happy browsing...
Adrian Dover, August 2006

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