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You can subscribe to Honeychildren directly from this page by completing the form below. Just click inside the box and type your full e-mail address there, for example a.n.other@computer.country (if you make a real mess of it, click on the ‘Clear the form’ button to empty the box).

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Sometime later you should receive in your e-mail a “welcome to the list” message from Majordomo, the computer program which runs the list. This will tell you how to send messages to the list for everybody to read and how to un-subscribe from the list when you want to leave. If you don’t get such a message within a few hours, you probably haven’t been subscribed. This might be because you made a mistake in your typing but is more likely to result from a problem relaying messages to your mail server. If possible send me a personal email from a different address stating your problem.

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