Honeychildren mailing-list


Honeychildren is a mailing list for discussion of the work of Eddi Reader, singer, song-writer, occasional actress and all-round inspired performing artist. The list’s name is adapted from the title of a song on Eddi’s first solo album Mirmama (details of which can be found through our discography). All aspects of her career and related matters can be covered including Mark E. Nevin and Fairground Attraction and her TV and stage work, as well as more recent songwriting collaborators such as Roy Dodds, Boo Hewerdine, Teddy Borowiecki and Neill and Calum MacColl.

The list is run independently and has no connection with Eddi Reader herself. For the last couple of years there has been an official web-site at www.eddireader.com/, but occasionally the list manages to get information out before it appears there, through good use of its contacts!

Currently the list, which is unmoderated, is available only in bounce mode – sorry, there is no digest. This is chiefly because our local mailer is not set up for digests, but there isn’t a high level of traffic, so this shouldn’t cause you any problems. Because of increasing levels of spam messages on the ’net, messages from people who are not members of the list are ‘bounced’ to the list owner (me!) who will forward them if they are relevant.

If you want to join the Honeychildren, all you need do is subscribe to the list.

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