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uk Vertical Records CD J VERTCD078
cover art : Scott MacDonald; photo by Simon Murphy

Roddy Hart lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer, Mellotron, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, glockenspiel
with :
Yorick Cormack backing vocal
Stephen Douglas drums
Niall Holmes backing vocal
Kris Kristofferson  backing vocal
Paul Livingstone electric guitar, e-bow
Michael McDaid bass
Paul McGeechan piano
Dave McGowan pedal steel
John Martin electric guitar
Geoff Martyn piano, Hammond organ, backing vocal
Marco Rea backing vocal
Eddi Reader backing vocal
Frank Reader backing vocal
Seamus Simon drums
produced by : Roddy Hart with Paul McGeechan
recorded by : Iain Graham assisted by Chris Gordon at Paw Paw Studios and Park Lane Studios, Glasgow in autumn and winter, 2005; Kris Kristofferson’s vocals recorded by Carter Tutweiler at Cul de Sac Studios, Maui, Hawaii
mixed by : Roddy Hart with Paul McGeechan
mastered by : Chris Gordon with Paul McGeechan

  1. The life and time of Joseph Rowe   (Roddy Hart)   4:17
  2. She is all I need   (Roddy Hart)   3:46
  3. Temperance of peace   (Roddy Hart)   3:14
  4. My greatest success   (Roddy Hart)   4:42
  5. Flames   (Roddy Hart)   4:03
  6. I will not fear the dark   (Roddy Hart)   2:46
  7. Suffocate   (Roddy Hart)   4:39
  8. Rain in December   (Roddy Hart)   4:48
  9. Nothing is broken   (Roddy Hart)   4:37
  1. One thousand lives   (Roddy Hart)   4:16
  2. Time is a thief   (Roddy Hart)   2:47
  3. Home   (Roddy Hart)   5:09
  4. Journey’s end   (Roddy Hart)   4:53

total time : 53:59

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