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terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk CBS CD J 467880 2 1991
uk CBS MC - 467880 4 1991
uk CBS LP - 467880 1 1991
jp CBS? CD? ? ESCA 5372 1991?
cover art : black-and-white photograph (presumably taken by Oscar Marzaroli) of a crowd, face-on. Title in copper coloured strip near head, sub-title and “for the Oscar Marzaroli Trust” sandwiching artist’s names in panel at foot.

many and various (see track-listing below)
produced by : various people
the compilation produced by : Julian de Takats and Ricky Ross for the Oscar Marzaroli Trust?
recorded by : various people in all sorts of odd places
mixed by : various people in various places
mastered by : ? at CaVa Sound Workshops

  1. The Big Dish :   Prospect Street   (Stephen Lindsay)   3:22
  2. Wet Wet Wet :   Broke away [live]   (Clark/Cunningham/Mitchell/Pellow)   2:38
  3. The Silencers :   The real McCoy [live]   (Jimmie O’Neill/The Silencers)   6:40
  4. Dick Gaughan :   Jamie Foyers [live]   (words: Ewan MacColl, music: trad.)   4:16
  5. Eddi Reader :   The Glasgow Barrowlands   (trad. arr. Ricky Ross/Eddi Reader)   2:22
  6. The Blue Nile :   Regret   (Paul Buchanan/Robert Bell)   3:31
  7. Love and Money :   Jocelyn Square   (J. Grant/B. Paterson)   3:56
  8. John Martyn :   The river   (John Martyn)   4:23
  9. Texas :   Southside   (McElhone/Kerr/McErlaine/Spiten)   1:50
  1. Lloyd Cole :   Are you ready to be heartbroken [live]  (L. Cole/N. Clarke)   2:53
  2. Deacon Blue :   Christmas and Glasgow   (Ricky Ross/James Prime)   5:08
  3. Hue and Cry :   Mother Glasgow [live]   (Michael Marra)   2:19

total time : 43:48

as stated on the back cover, proceeds from sale of this album went towards the establishment of a permanent archive for the photographic legacy of Oscar Marzaroli, which centres on post-war Glasgow

the tree, bird, fish and bell are elements in the coat of arms of the City of Glasgow, dervied from the supposed miracles of Saint Mungo (Kentigern)

on the LP (and cassette?) the tracks are split evenly between the sides, 1–6 on side 1 and 7–12 on side 2

there may also have been a 7" vinyl promo for this album, with the Big Dish, Blue Nile, Deacon Blue and Eddi Reader tracks on it

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