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uk Heroes of edible music CD J none
[EAN: 5024545198621]
cover art : Sarah Roberts

Eliza Carthy vocal, violin, octave violin
Martin Green piano-keyed accordion, piano, sampling and sequencing
with :
JCOOl beatbox
Sarah Dawson Miller frame drums, karkabou
Eddi Reader vocal
produced by : Martin Green and Eliza Carthy
recorded by : Jon Wilkinson at The Steam Rooms, London
mixed by : Jon Wilkinson at The Steam Rooms, London
mastered by : ? at ?

  1. Fen   (Martin Green)   5:06
  2. Mr Preston’s hornpipe   (trad. arr. Martin Green/Eliza Carthy)   5:23
  3. Stephen’s leaving + The jolly fucker + Rörospols   (Martin Green + Martin Green + trad. arr. Martin Green/Eliza Carthy)   5:45
  4. Abe’s retreat + Kielder Castle   (trad. arr. Martin Green/Eliza Carthy + trad./Matt Seattle)   4:55
  5. Jack Warrel’s hornpipe   (trad. arr. Martin Green/Eliza Carthy)   5:35
  6. Daniel Wright’s hornpipe + A bagpipe hornpipe   (both: trad. arr. Martin Green/Eliza Carthy)   3:15
  7. Lemady   (trad. arr. Martin Green/Eliza Carthy/Saul Rose)   4:37
  8. Soul’s shoes + Prescott’s punch   (both: Martin Green)   3:04
  9. Presbyterian hornpipe + Game of draughts   (trad. arr. Martin Green/Eliza Carthy + Eliza Carthy/Ed Boyd)   4:55
  1. Young Collins   (trad./Martin Green)   4:19

total time : 46:56

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fROOTS, June 2003, no. 240, p. 60

Eliza and Eddi double up to sing lead on the only vocal track on the album; the instrumental tracks result from Martin and Eliza’s time on the road with Joan Baez in USA

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