release details ‘Joyland’ CD booklet cover (85% size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Rough Trade CD J R2922 1993
uk Rough Trade LP - R2921 1993
the groove run-out messages from the mastering unit are :   side 1 (R2921-A2): MAX. and A PORKY PRIME CUT;   side 2 (R2921-B2): MAX.
cover art : Real Time Design

Neill MacColl lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica, autoharp
Calum MacColl vocals, guitars, dulcimer, keyboards, whistles
Leroy Lendor bass
Robert Bond III drums, keyboards
and guests :
Kitty MacColl additional singing
Eddi Reader additional singing
Mick Exley’s Weathermen additional singing
produced by : Liberty Horses
recorded by : Terry Medhurst, Roger Askew, Ian Caple and Paul Gomersall at Loco, Joe’s Garage and The Stone Room
mixed by : Paul Gomersall, Terry Medhurst and Mark Wallis at Joe’sGarage and Roundhouse
mastered by : ? at ?

  1. Colours of spring   (MacColl/MacColl/Bond/Lendor)   4:05
  2. King of a rainy country   (MacColl/MacColl/Bond/Lendor)   4:36
  3. Shine   (MacColl/MacColl/Bond/Lendor)   4:11
  4. Memory lane   (MacColl/MacColl/Bond/Lendor)   5:15
  5. Flowers   (MacColl/MacColl/Bond/Lendor)   5:09
  6. Wind and rain   (MacColl/MacColl/Bond/Lendor)   3:25
  7. Believe   (MacColl/MacColl/Bond/Lendor)   3:52
  8. King of the world   (MacColl/MacColl/Bond/Lendor)   4:06
  9. This town   (MacColl/MacColl/Bond/Lendor)   4:36
  1. Black lines   (MacColl/MacColl/Bond/Lendor)   4:17
  2. I want to scare myself   (MacColl/MacColl/Bond/Lendor)   4:50
  3. XXX [= Three crosses] (MacColl/MacColl/Bond/Lendor)   3:48

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