release details ‘Smells like truth’ CD booklet cover (85% size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Chrysalis CD J ccd 1849 1991
uk Ensign (Chrysalis) MC - ZCHEN 20
[321 849 4]
cover art : John Pasche
(photo: David Hiscock)

Laurie Freelove lead vocal, acoustic guitar, waterphone, voice
with :
Roland Denny upright bass
Roy Dodds percussion, stick bass percussion
The East Side Flash acoustic guitar
James Fenner percussion
Greg Harewood electric bass
Boo Hewerdine electric guitar, Hammond organ, additional vocals, voice
Jeff Jackson additional vocals
Henry Kadima electric bass
Laura Love additional vocals
Paul Pearcy drums, percussion
Eddi Reader additional vocals, voice
Leah Rummel keyboards, flute
Chris Searles drums, percussion
Donny Silverman Korg M1, WX7 wind controller, bass clarinet, additional voice
Phil Stereopulos electric bass, stick bass
Mark Taylor keyboards
Paul Taylor didjeridoo, bull-roarer
produced by : Laurie Freelove with Boo Hewerdine, Chris Birkett and Kevin Moloney
recorded by : Kevin Moloney and Chris Birkett at various studios;
tracks 2 and 9 : The East Side Flash
mixed by : Chris Birkett with Laurie Freelove and Boo Hewerdine;
tracks 2 and 9 : The East Side Flash and Laurie Freelove
mastered by : Noel Summerville at Transfermation Studios

  1. Smells like truth   (Laurie Freelove)   5:33
  2. Eyes   (Laurie Freelove)   3:09
  3. Arms of a dream   (Laurie Freelove)   5:34
  4. (If you) Walk away awhile   (Laurie Freelove)   3:38
  5. Heaven on earth   (Laurie Freelove)   6:16
  6. Haunted   (Laurie Freelove)   5:52
  7. White hail   (Laurie Freelove)   3:55
  8. O my heart   (Laurie Freelove/Boo Hewerdine)   3:38
  9. Getting close   (Laurie Freelove)   4:13
  1. Song to the siren   (Tim Buckley/Larry Beckett)   3:50

total time : 45:40

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