release details ‘Mouth to mouth’ CD booklet cover (85% size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk China Records CD M WOLCDX 1084 1997
cover art : Jeremy and François

Mark Chadwick lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Jon Sevink violin
Simon Friend banjo
Jeremy Cunningham bass guitar
Charlie Heather drums
and guests :
Steve Broughton keyboards
The Kick Horns brass
London Metropolitan Orchestra strings (arranged and conducted by Ed Shearmur)
Marcus McArrol pedal steel guitar
Eddi Reader backing vocal
Christopher Taylor percussion
produced by : Jon Kelly
recorded by : Andrew Scarth at Metway, Brighton
mixed by : Andrew Scarth? assisted by Lee Phillips at Westside Studios
mastered by : Tim Young at Metropolis

  1. Dog train   (The Levellers)   4:30
  2. Beautiful day   (The Levellers)   4:03
  3. Celebrate   (The Levellers)   4:03
  4. Rain and snow   (The Levellers)   1:38
  5. Far away   (The Levellers)   5:30
  6. C. C. T. V.   (The Levellers)   3:10
  7. Chemically free   (The Levellers)   5:28
  8. Elation   (The Levellers)   5:49
  9. Captains’ courageous   (The Levellers)   3:15
  1. Survivors   (The Levellers)   4:25
  2. Sail away   (The Levellers)   1:13
  3. Too real   (The Levellers)   5:37

total time : 48:43

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