release details ‘Little lights’ album cover/insert (85% size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Pure Records CD J PRCD07 2001-05-29
cover art : Dan Bedford

Kate Rusby lead vocal, acoustic guitar
with :
Ian Carr guitar
John Doyle guitar
Darrell Scott guitar, harmony vocal
Ewan Vernal double bass
Andy Seward double bass
Danny Thompson double bass
Andy Cutting diatonic accordion
Mairtin O’Connor accordion
Michael McGoldrick whistles, tenor banjo
John McCusker fiddle, cittern, whistle
Malcolm Stitt bouzouki
Tim O’Brien mandolin, harmony vocal
Alison Brown five-string banjo
Keith Angel percussion, marimba
Eddi Reader harmony vocals
John Jones harmony vocal
and brass :
Alan Morrison cornet
Richard Marshall cornet
Sandy Smith E flat horn
Nick Hudson trombone
Shaun Crowther tuba
produced by : John McCusker
recorded by : Andy Seward and Joe Rusby at Pure records Studio, Yorkshire
mixed by : Andy Seward and Joe Rusby at Pure records Studio, Yorkshire
mastered by : Chris Thorpe at Serendipity

  1. Playing of ball   (trad./Kate Rusby)   3:34
  2. I courted a sailor   (Kate Rusby)   4:03
  3. Withered and died   (Richard Thompson)   4:03
  4. Merry green broom   (trad./Kate Rusby)   3:26
  5. Let the cold wind blow   (Kate Rusby)   5:21
  6. Canaan’s land   (trad. arr. Kate Rusby/John McCusker)   3:54
  7. Some tyrant   (trad. arr. Kate Rusby/John McCusker)   5:10
  8. William and Davy   (Kate Rusby)   4:10
  9. Who will sing me lullabies   (Kate Rusby)   5:23
  1. Matt Hyland   (trad./Kate Rusby)   5:03
  2. My young man   (Kate Rusby)
    followed by :
    The big ship sails   (trad. arr. John McCusker/Kate Rusby)   8:16

total time : 52:25

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