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uk Pure Records CD J PRCD23 2007-09-03
cover art :

Kate Rusby lead vocal, acoustic guitar
with :
Ian Carr (acoustic) guitar, electric guitar, ukelele
Andy Cutting accordion
John Doyle guitar
Kris Dreever tenor guitar
Mattie Foulds drums (bonus track only)
John Hudson harmony vocal
Leon Hunt banjo
Michael McGoldrick flute
John McCusker cittern, fiddle, tenor guitar
Eddi Reader harmony vocals
Joe Rusby harmony vocals
Andy Seward double bass, banjo
Donald Shaw harmonium, piano
Chris Thile mandolin, harmony vocals
Ewan Vernal double bass
and string quartet, either :
Donald Grant violin
Helena Smart violin
Martin Saving viola
Lucy Payne cello
or :
Greg Lawson violin
Fiona Stephen violin
Jacobus Frick viola
Christof Fourie cello
and brass :
Ian Shires cornet
Greg Timmins cornet
Jim Fletcher tenor horn
Michael Dodd euphonium
Andy Duncan tuba
produced by : Kate Rusby (and Joe helped); (bonus track by John McCusker)
recorded by : Joe Rusby at Pure Studios, Yorkshire; additional engineering by Andy Seward
mixed by : Joe Rusby at Pure Studios, Yorkshire
mastered by : Bunt Stafford-Clark at Town House

  1. Awkward Annie   (Kate Rusby)   3:11
  2. The bitter boy   (Kate Rusby)   4:53
  3. John Barbury   (trad. arr. Kate Rusby)   5:39
  4. High on a hill   (Kate Rusby)   4:34
  5. Farewell   (trad./Kate Rusby)   5:34
  6. Planets   (Kate Rusby)   4:11
  7. The old man   (trad./Kate Rusby)   3:50
  8. Andrew Lammie   (trad. arr. Kate Rusby)   3:55
  9. The streams of lovely nancy   (trad./Kate Rusby)   4:00
  1. Daughter of heaven   (Kate Rusby)   3:57
  2. Blooming heather   (trad. arr. Kate Rusby)   4:51
  3. bonus track :
    The village green preservation society   (Ray Davies)   3:22

total time : 51:59

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