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no Kirkelig Kulturverksted CD D? FXCD 269 2004
cover art : deville in consultancy with Bent Hunnestad
(photo: Mark Douet/Getty Images)

Knut Reiersrud guitars, bass, keyboards, oud (an Arabian lute), lap steel guitar
Audun Erlien bass, keyboards, guitars
David Wallumrød electric piano, clavinet
Paolo Vinaccia percussion
and guests :
Eddi Reader joint lead vocals
name inst
produced by : Erik Hillestad
recorded by : instruments : Giert Clausen at Fersklyd, Oslo or Reidar Skår at 7.Etage, Oslo or Audun Erlien at Sus Studion, Oslo;
voices : various people at places around the world
mixed by : Giert Clausen at Fersklyd, Oslo or Reidar Skår at 7.Etage, Oslo
mastered by : Björn Engelmann at The Cutting Room, Stockholm

  1. Sad sol – You, my destiny   [featuring Mahsa Vahdat and Sarah Jane Morris]   (trad. Iran/Knut Reiersrud, transl. Kari Iveland)   5:29
  2. Dilelol – Sleep, my child   [featuring Amel Kthyer with Halla Bassam and Eva Dahlgren]   (trad. Iraq/Knut Reiersrud, transl. Kari Iveland)   5:37
  3. Lalolalo – Don’t you worry, my child   [featuring Kulsoom Syed Ghulam and Lila Downs]   (trad. Afghanistan/Knut Reiersrud, transl. Kari Iveland)   3:30
  4. Ya lel ma atwalak – This never ending night   [featuring Rim Banna and Kari Bremnes]   (trad. Palestine/Knut Reiersrud, transl. Kari Bremnes)   6:36
  5. Luna, luna – Luna, luna little doll   [featuring Mayada Killisly Bahgdadi and Mimi]   (trad. Syria/Knut Reiersrud, transl. Kari Iveland)   4:57
  6. Peace Song   [featuring Halla Bassam and Sevara Nazarkhan]   (trad. Iraq/Knut Reiersrud, transl. Kari Iveland)   4:38
  7. Aruru – Lullaby, sweet baby   [featuring Martha Lorenzo and Nina Hagen]   (trad. Cuba/Audun Erlien/Knut Reiersrud, transl. Kari Iveland)   4:42
  8. Stars are rising   [featuring Sun Ju Lee and Eddi Reader]   (trad. North Korea/Knut Reiersrud, transl. Kari Iveland)   3:39
  9. Nami – Angel   [featuring Viva Killisly Chachati and Katia Cardenal]   (trad. Syria/Knut Reiersrud, transl. Kari Iveland)   5:11
  1. Lalalala gohle laleh   [featuring Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat]   (trad. Iran)   3:57
  2. Garibe – Watching over me   [featuring Halla Bassam and Rickie Lee Jones]   (trad. Iraq/Knut Reiersrud/Rickie Lee Jones, transl. Kari Iveland)   3:40
  3. Nami ya la’ aubi – Sleep, my doll   [featuring Rim Banna and Annisette]   (music: Rim Banna/Annisette, arr. Knut Reiersrud/Audun Erlien; text: Saud al Assadi, transl. Annisette)   3:02
  4. Gohlelale – My tulip, my pearl   [featuring Pari Zanganeh and the Washington National Cathedral Girls Choiristers with Elana Fremerman]   (trad. Iran/Knut Reiersrud, transl. Kari Iveland)   3:13
  5. Nami – Lament   [featuring Jawaher Shofani]   (trad. Palestine/Knut Reiersrud/Jawaher Shofani)   5:03
  6. Mazar – Some day, my boy   [featuring Fanzya and Razya Khan Ali and Elana Fremerman]   (trad. Afghanistan/Knut Reiersrud, transl. Kari Iveland)   4:37

total time : 67:53

this album resulted from a project the Norwegian record producer Erik Hillestad conceived after American President George W. Bush’s ‘axis of evil’ speech on 2002-01-29. Hillestad wanted to use the fundamental communication between human beings, exemplified by the universal culture of the lullaby, to link us to the ‘alien’ cultures of the ‘axis’. He therefore recorded or obtained recordings of traditional lullabies in the various countries named by Bush and organized musical arrangements, by Knut Reiersrud, and western vocalists singing English paraphrases (mostly made by Kari Eveland). The result is an intriguing mix of world music, with an almost ambient feel.

The world-wide sourcing of the vocal contributions is reminiscent of the work of 1 Giant Leap, to which Eddi contributed on their first album
Adrian Dover