release details ‘Forbidden songs of the dying west’ CD booklet cover (85% size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Cooking Vinyl CD † J Cook CD 090 1995
uk Cooking Vinyl MC - Cook C 090 1995
uk Cooking Vinyl LP - Cook 090 1995
  issued as a double CD with Jackie Leven’s Songs
from the Argyll cycle
(COOKCD 065, 1994)
cover art : Cactus Design (woodcut: not credited, but
someone famous, I think; please tell me who)

Jackie Leven lead vocal, whistling, guitars
with :
Melvyn Duffy pedal steel guitar
James Hallawell vocal, keyboards, bass, guitar
Steve Killer Jackson drums, percussion
Avril Jamieson vocals, invisible woman, Stornoway girl
Pete King saxophone
Mevagissey Male Voice Choir choir
Dave Quinn Ulster voice
Eddi Reader recitation
Andy White vocals, ancestral Irish presence, recitation
produced by : Jackie Leven ?
recorded by : John Cornfield at Sawmills Studio, Fowey; additional recording by Mike Jones at The Windings, Wrexham and by John McBurnie at his house in Tooting, London
mixed by : ? at ?
mastered by : ? at ?

  1. Young male suicide blessed by invisible woman   (Jackie Leven)   3:18
  2. Some ancient misty morning   (Jackie Leven)   4:34
  3. Working alone + A blessing   (Jackie Leven + James Wright/Jackie Leven)   8:22
  4. Leven’s lament   (Jackie Leven/Gold)   4:33
  5. Marble City bar   (Jackie Leven)   4:33
  6. The wanderer   (Jackie Leven)   4:34

Four songs of the sea

  1. Exultation   (Emily Dickinson / Jackie Leven)   1:06
  2. Men in prison   (Jackie Leven)   4:21
  3. Birds leave shadows   (Jackie Leven)   3:58
  1. Stornoway girl   (Jackie Leven)   2:56

  1. Silver roof   (Jackie Leven)   3:41
  2. Lammermuir Hills   (Jackie Leven)   4:19

Three songs of Ireland

  1. Come back early or never come   (Louis MacNeice / Jackie Leven)   4:26
  2. By the sign of the shattered star   (Jackie Leven)   2:27
  3. The scene that haunts my memory   (trad. / Jackie Leven)   1:09

  1. My lord what a morning   (Jackie Leven?)   0:55

total time : 59:14

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