release details ‘Sex & jazz & rock & roll’ CD booklet cover (85% size)
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uk Coliseum CD J HF51CD
[0630 16465 2]
uk Coliseum? MC? - ? 1996?
cover art : not credited

Jools Holland piano, lead vocal
and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra :
Mark Flanagen guitar, backing vocal
Dave Swift bass
Gilson Lavis drums, backing vocal
Christopher Holland organ, backing vocal
Chris Coldwell alto saxophone
Dave Bitelli alto saxophone
Phil Veacock tenor saxophone
Paul Bartholemew baritone saxophone
Jason McDermid trumpet
Jon Scott trumpet
Damon Brown trumpet
Barbara Snow trumpet
Roger Goslyn trombone
Rico Rodriguez trombone
Winston Rollins trombone
and guests :
Ronnie Box backing vocal, guitar
Chris Difford lead vocal
Emma Haywoode backing vocal
Tracey Heaps backing vocal
Claire McCormack backing vocal
Pat McDonald backing vocal
Christabel McKewen backing vocal
Dominic Martinez backing vocal
Mica Paris lead vocal
Eddi Reader lead vocal
Ruby Turner lead vocal
Keep Wilkinson bass
produced by : Jools Holland and Ronnie Box
recorded by : Jools Holland and Ronnie Box at Helicon Mountain Studios and Metropolis Studios, London
mixed by : Jools Holland and Ronnie Box at Helicon Mountain Studios and Metropolis Studios, London
mastered by : ? at Transfermation

  1. Jubal’s discovery   (Jools Holland)   0:16
  2. Hamster’s wheel   (Jools Holland)   2:48
  3. Waiting game   (Jools Holland/Chris Difford)   4:13
  4. Able Mabel   (Jools Holland)   3:34
  5. U.J.   (Jools Holland)   0:50
  6. I, is all I ever hear   (Jools Holland/Mark FlanagenGilson Lavis)   3:48
  7. Instrumental love   (Jools Holland/Chris Difford)   2:48
  8. Atom bomb   (Charles Mingus)   5:50
  9. Rab Elpmet   (Jools Holland)   0:22
  1. Scorpio rising   (Jools Holland/Chris Difford/Mark Flanagen)   4:10
  2. Well alright   (Watts/Wyche)   3:10
  3. Count to ten   (Pat McDonald)   4:08
  4. Escaped stripe   (Jools Holland)   0:54
  5. I love a train   (Jools Holland/Chris Difford)   3:35
  6. Wang dang doodle   (Willie Dixon)   4:05
  7. Martians playing boogie woogie   (Jools Holland)   0:15
  8. Lonesome Joe   (Jools Holland/Chris Difford)   4:51
  9. Absit invidia   (Jools Holland)   0:27

total time : 50:06

chart placings
UK (CIN) (published in the week after the sales period shown) :
  • 1996-10-13/P7D : 38
  • 1996-10-20/P7D : 56

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