release details ‘In mysterious ways’ album cover/insert (85% actual size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Virgin LP - V2355 1985-09
uk Virgin CD J CDV2355? 1985-09?
uk Edsel CD J EDCD 705 † 2001
  includes three bonus tracks (see below)
cover art : not credited on CD

John Foxx vocals, keyboards, guitar, etc.
with :
Randy Hope-Taylor bass
David Levy bass
Peter Oxendale keyboards
Sadenia Reader backing vocals
Robin Simon guitar
Barry Watts drums
Wix drums
produced by : John Foxx
recorded by : Richard Whaley at The Garden studio, London
mixed by : Richard Whaley at The Garden studio, London
mastered by : CD: Chris Thorpe at Serendipity

  1. Stars on fire   (John Foxx)   5:34
  2. Lose all sense of time   (John Foxx)   4:19
  3. What kind of girl   (John Foxx)   5:03
  4. Shine on   (John Foxx)   4:41
  5. Enter the angel   (John Foxx)   3:59
  6. In mysterious ways   (John Foxx)   3:06
  7. This side of paradise   (John Foxx)   4:39
  8. Stepping softly   (John Foxx)   3:58
  9. Morning glory   (John Foxx)   5:55
  1. Enter the angel II   (John Foxx)   2:17

bonus tracks on EDCD 705 :

  1. Lumen de lumine   (John Foxx)   2:31
  2. Hiding in plain sight   (John Foxx)   5:52
  3. City of lights   (John Foxx)   3:39

total time : 55:35

the song timings given in the CD booklet (a couple of seconds shorter than the tracks, where identifiable) are muddled up between tracks; the correct figures are given above
Adrian Dover

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