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uk Spit & Polish (Shoeshine Records) CD Cm? SPIT038 2009-10-26
card gatefold no name on CD tray, like Digipak/Compac
cover art : Nick Coleman
(photo: Michelle Fowlis)

Julie Fowlis lead vocal, whistles, oboe
with the band :
Éamon Doorley bouzouki, additional vocals
Duncan Chisholm fiddle, additional vocals
Tony Byrne guitar, additional vocals
Martin O’Neill bodhrán, shaker
and guests :
Phil Cunningham piano, accordion
Tom Doorley flute, whistle
Jerry Douglas lap steel guitar
Michelle Fowlis vocals
Allan MacDonald vocals, highland bagpipes
Eddi Reader joint lead and backing vocals
Sharon Shannon button accordion
Mary Smith vocals
Ewan Vernal double bass
produced by : Éamon Doorley and Julie Fowlis
recorded by : Paul Mcgeechan at Park Lane Studios, Glasgow; additional engineering by Keith Bird; Phil Cunningham recorded in Edinburgh; Jerry Douglas recorded in USA; Sharon Shannon recorded in Poet’s Corner, Killeeneen
mixed by : Paul Mcgeechan at Park Lane Studios, Glasgow
mastered by : Paul Mcgeechan at Master CDs

  1. M’ fhearann saidhbhir (My Land Is Rich) + Nellie Garvey’s + ’G ioman nan gamhan ’s mi muladach + Jerry’s pipe jig   (trad. + Éamon Doorley + trad. + Jerry Holland; all arr. Doorley/Fowlis/Byrne)   5:31
  2. Bothan àirigh am Bràigh Raithneach (A sheiling on the Braes of Rannoch)   (trad., arr. Fowlis/Cunningham)   5:00
  3. Wind and rain   [featuring Eddi Reader]   (trad., arr. Fowlis/Doorley/Byrne)   3:45
  4. Thig am bàta (The boat will come)   (trad., arr. Fowlis/O’Neill)   2:34
  5. A Chatrion’ Òg (Young Catriona)   (trad., arr. Fowlis/Doorley/Byrne)   4:22
  6. Hé gràdh, hò gràdh (He dear, ho dear)   [featuring Mary Smith]   (trad., arr. Fowlis/Smith/Cunningham)   2:34
  7. Cò nì mire rium? (Who will flirt with me?) + Trip to Galway   (trad., arr. Fowlis/Doorley + Éamon Doorley)   4:07
  8. A’ chiad cheum (The first step)   (Julie Fowlis/Éamon Doorley)   4:15
  9. Tha Brògan ùr agam a-nochd (I have new shoes tonight) + The cat and the dog / Mu chuachag ’s laghach thu (My beloved you are so nice)   (trad., arr. the band)   5:26
  1. Rugadh mi ’n teis meadhan na mara (Me zo ganet é kreiz er mor / I was born in the midst of the sea)   (trad. Breton, arr. Éamon Doorley/Julie Fowlis)   3:17
  2. Bodachan cha phòs mi (I shan’t marry an old man)   [featuring Mary Smith]   (trad., arr. Fowlis/Smith)   1:22
  3. A Mhic Dhùghaill ’ic Ruairidh (Son Of Dougal, Son Of Ruairidh)   (trad., arr. Fowlis/MacDonald)   5:27
  4. Hò bha mi, hé bha mi (Ho I was, he I was)   (trad., arr. Fowlis)   2:28

total time : 50:10

Adrian Dover