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uk Transatlantic Roots CD J TRJC007 2011-07?
available from her website
cover art : theAntFactory
(photo: Neil Menneer)

Jennifer Crook lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harps
with :
Maclaine Colston hammered dulcimer
Mark Freegard mellotron
Boo Hewerdine guitars, lead and backing vocals, bass, mellotron, ukulele, glockenspiel, shaky egg(?!)
Dorie Jackson backing vocals
Kevin McGuire double bass
Andy May piano
Bethany Porter cello, backing vocals
Eddi Reader backing vocals
Darrell Scott joint lead vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin, dobro
produced by : Boo Hewerdine
recorded by : Mark Freegard at 3kyoti Studio, Glasgow in 2010; additional recording by Chris Pepper at Hub Sound Studios, Cambridge
mixed by : Mark Freegard at 3kyoti Studio, Glasgow in 2010
mastered by : Mark Freegard at ?

  1. Catching butterflies   (Jennifer Crook)   4:00
  2. When time stood still   (Jennifer Crook)   3:28
  3. Merry-go-round   (Jennifer Crook)   3:07
  4. Cowboys   (Jennifer Crook)   4:03
  5. Come September   (Jennifer Crook)   3:57
  6. Coming down the road   (Jennifer Crook)   2:44
  7. Probably the rain   (Boo Hewerdine/Jennifer Crook)   4:11
  8. She wore red   (Jennifer Crook)   3:54
  9. The spin [instrumental]   (Jennifer Crook)   0:41
  1. Baltimore   (Boo Hewerdine/Jennifer Crook)   4:05
  2. One little song   (Gillian Welch)   2:55

total time : 37:07

Jennifer Crook, who is based in Bath, was in the 1990’s harp and hammered dulcimer duo Cythara with Maclaine Colston, and in the folk influenced quartet Madigan; her first solo album A few small things, showcasing ten of her own songs, gained excellent reviews on release 2008