release details ==> ‘Transatlantic sessions 2, volume 1’ CD booklet cover (85% size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Iona Records CD J IRCD063 1998-11
cover art : Non Sono Un Robot, Glasgow
‘Transatlantic sessions 2, volume 2’ CD booklet cover (85% size)
<== release details
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Iona Records CD J IRCD064 1998-11
cover art : Non Sono Un Robot, Glasgow

Aly Bain fiddle
Russ Barenberg guitar
Paul Brady vocal, backing vocal
Ronan Browne whistles
Rosanne Cash vocal, backing vocal
Michael Doucet vocal, backing vocal, (Cajun fiddle?)
Jerry Douglas dobro
Radney Foster vocal, backing vocal
James Grant vocal, backing vocal
Nanci Griffith vocal, backing vocal
Tommy Hayes percussion
Boo Hewerdine acoustic guitar, backing vocal
Fiona Kennedy vocal?
John Leventhal guitar
Ishbel MacAskill vocal
Iain MacDonald bagpipes
John Martyn vocal
Karen Matheson vocal, backing vocal
Maura O’Connell vocal, backing vocal
Eddi Reader vocal, backing vocal
Sharon Shannon accordion
Donald Shaw keyboards, accordion
Ricky Skaggs vocal, backing vocal
Breda Smyth fiddle
Danny Thompson double bass
Sharon White vocal, backing vocal
produced by : Douglas Eadie for BBC Scotland, the National Video Corporation Ltd and Radio Telefis Eirean
recorded by : Cunningham Audio Productions, Beauly, Inverness at a Highland hotel in 1998
mixed by : Brian MacNeill at ?
mastered by : Jon Turner at ?

Volume one
  1. Aly Bain :   Waiting on the federals   (trad. ?)   4:15
  2. Ricky Skaggs :   A simple life   (M. McAally)   2:56
  3. Maura O’Connell :   Blue train   (J. Kimball/T. Kimball)   4:53
  4. Paul Brady :   Marriage made in Hollywood   (Paul Brady/M. O’Keeve)   4:35
  5. Jerry Douglas :   Tribute to Peadar O’Donnell / Takarasaka   (Dónal Lunny/Jerry Douglas)   5:44
  6. Eddi Reader :   Hummingbird [live]   (Boo Hewerdine)   3:38
  7. Michael Doucet :   La danse de la vie   (Michael Doucet)   4:40
  8. Breda Smyth :   Bachelor’s walk   (Breda Smyth)   4:06
  9. Nanci Griffith :   Always will   (Nanci Griffith)   2:43
  1. Radney Foster :   Nobody wins   (Radney Foster/K. Richey)   4:01
  2. Russ Barenberg :   Les veuves de la coulee   (trad. ?)   3:09
  3. Karen Matheson :   There’s always Sunday   (James Grant)   3:46
  4. John Martyn :   Excuse me mister   (B. Harper)   5:56
  5. Rosanne Cash :   40 shades of green   (J. Cash)   4:21

total time : 58:54

Volume two
  1. Jerry Douglas :   Passing the bar   (Jerry Douglas)   3:36
  2. Nanci Griffith :   Boots of Spanish leather   (Bob Dylan)   6:12
  3. Paul Brady :   Arthur McBride and the sergeant   (trad. arr. Paul Brady)   6:25
  4. various :   Sanseptique set [medley]   (trad., trad., Tommy Hayes)   2:54
  5. Aly Bain :   Bonaparte’s retreat   (trad.)   3:49
  6. Maura O’Connell :   Trouble in the fields   (Nanci Griffith)   3:21
  7. Radney Foster :   God knows when   (Radney Foster)   4:19
  8. Ishbel MacAskill with Iain MacDonald :   Piobaireachd dhomhnaill dhuibh   (trad. ?)   3:58
  9. Ricky Skaggs :   My father’s son   (Ricky Skaggs / G. M. Green)   3:21
  1. Sharon Shannon :   Magic foot   (Russ Barenberg)   2:36
  2. John Martyn :   He’s got all the whisky   (B. Charles)   4:02
  3. Eddi Reader :   Footsteps fall [live]   (Boo Hewerdine / Bjergfeldt)   3:44
  4. Michael Doucet :   Jolie blonde   (trad. arr. Michael Doucet)   3:28
  5. Sharon White :   Mansion on the hill   (Hank Williams)   3:33
  6. James Grant :   Evangeline   (James Grant)   2:44
  7. Iain MacDonald :   Puirt-a-beul [medley]   (all trad. arr. Iain MacDonald)   3:12

total time : 61:23

These two discs result from recordings in 1998 for the series of seven(?) half-hour television programmes, organised by Aly Bain and Jerry Douglas with producer Douglas Eadie, following the successful first series in 1995 (which is not available on CD) – this explains the ‘2’ in the title. The musicians were, in effect, on holiday in a luxury hotel in Scotland and recorded live but with no audience apart from other musicians and the tv crew.

For details of the broadcasts, see my list of Eddi’s television, radio and theatre work.
Adrian Dover

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