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uk Navigator CD J Navigator043 2011-10-04
cover art : Fraser Watson at Maylin Design
(photograph: Louis Decarlo)

Heidi Talbot lead vocal, baritone ukulele
with (the band) :
Ian Carr acoustic guitar
John McCusker fiddle, cittern, whistle
Michael McGoldrick Uileann pipes, whistles, flute
James Mackintosh percussion
Ewan Vernal double bass, piano
Roy Dodds drums
Donald Shaw harmonium, wurlitzer organ
Neil Yates brass
and guests :
Phil Cunningham piano accordion, harmonium
Andy Cutting diatonic accordion
John Douglas ukulele
Kris Drever tenor guitar, acoustic guitar, harmony vocals
Boo Hewerdine acoustic guitar
Alan Kelly piano accordion
Karine Polwart harmony vocals
Eddi Reader harmony vocals
produced by : John McCusker
recorded by : Calum Malcolm and Steve Stewart at ?, Glasgow?; additional recording by Raymond McGinley and Toony Doogan
mixed by : Andy Seward at ?
mastered by : Calum Malcolm at ?

  1. Willie Taylor   (trad., arr. Heidi Talbot/John McCusker/Ian Carr)   3:53
  2. Tell me truly   (Heidi Talbot/trad./John McCusker)   4:30
  3. Hang me   (trad., arr. Kris Drever/John McCusker/Heidi Talbot, Kris Drever)   3:21
  4. The shepherd lad   (trad./Karine Polwart/John McCusker)   3:29
  5. The last star   (Heidi Talbot/John McCusker)   3:56
  6. Sally Brown   (trad., arr. Heidi Talbot/John McCusker/Ian Carr)   3:51
  7. Bantry girls   (trad., arr. Heidi Talbot/John McCusker)   4:01
  8. Bleecker Street   (trad./Heidi Talbot, John McCusker, arr. Heidi Talbot/John McCusker/Ian Carr)   3:27
  9. Start it all over again   (Karine Polwart/John McCusker)   3:52
  1. Cherokee rose   (Boo Hewerdine/John McCusker)   3:56
  2. At the end of the day   (Sandy Denny)   4:02

total time : 42:20