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uk Grönland CD Cg CDGRON114 2011-01-25
cover art : Vegas Design
(CGI photo: Christian McGowan Photography)

Andy Gill guitar, vocals
Jon King vocals, melodica
Thomas McNeice bass
Mark Heaney drums
and guest :
Eddi Reader backing vocals
produced by : Andy Gill
recorded by : Sam Morton and Andy Gill (2009 sessions), Andy Gill assisted by Matt Applehans and Roan James (2010 sessions) at The Beauchamp Building, London
mixed by : Andy Gill at ?
mastered by : Ray Staff at AIR Mastering, London

  1. She said ‘You made a thing of me’   (Andy Gill/Jon King)   3:49
  2. You don’t have to be mad   (Andy Gill/Jon King)   3:15
  3. Who am I?   (Andy Gill/Jon King)   3:35
  4. I can’t forget your lonely face   (Andy Gill/Jon King)   3:56
  5. You’ll never pay for the farm   (Andy Gill/Jon King)   3:52
  6. I party all the time   (Andy Gill/Jon King)   3:42
  7. A fruitfly in the beehive   (Andy Gill/Jon King)   3:45
  8. It was never gonna turn out too good   (Andy Gill)   2:48
  9. Do as I say   (Andy Gill/Jon King)   3:26
  1. I can see from far away   (Andy Gill/Jon King)   2:59

total time : 35:09

Adrian Dover