release details ‘Ay fond kiss’ CD booklet cover (85% size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk RCA CD J PD 74596 1990[-06?]
uk RCA MC - PK 74596 1990[-06?]
uk RCA LP - PL 74596 ? 1990[-06?]
uk RCA CD J 74321 19371 2 1992 ?
mid-price reissue
cover art : Laurence Stevens
(photo: not credited, Hulton Deutsch Collection)

Eddi Reader vocals
Mark E. Nevin acoustic and electric guitars
Simon Edwards guitaron (Mexican acoustic bass)
Roy Dodds drum kit, percussion
with :
Roger Beaujolais glockenspiel
John Eacott trumpet
Will Hastie   (credited as ‘Will Hasty’) clarinet
Graham Henderson accordian [sic]
Flaco Jiminez accordian [sic]
Frances Knight accordian [sic]
Oren Marshall tuba
Ashley Slater trombone
Barbara Snow trumpet
Anthony Thistlethwaite vocal, mandolin, harmonica
Annie Whitehead trombone
produced by : Fairground Attraction and Kevin Moloney
recorded by : Kevin Moloney at Chipping Norton Studios, Oxfordshire, Angel Studios, London and Westside Studios, London;
track 9 : Mike Thornton at The Apollo, Manchester
mixed by : Kevin Moloney at ?
track 9 : Mike Thornton
mastered by : ? at ?

  1. Jock O’Hazeldean   (Walter Scott/trad. arr. ?)   3:06
  2. The game of love   (Mark E. Nevin)   4:04
  3. Walking after midnight   (Don Hecht/Alan Block)   2:49
  4. You send me   (Sam Cooke)   4:40
  5. Trying times   (Donny Hathaway/Leroy Hutson)   3:53
  6. Mystery train   (Junior Parker/Sam Phillips)   1:40
  7. Winter rose   (Mark E. Nevin)   3:31
  8. Do you want to know a secret?   (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)   2:32
  9. Allelujah (live)   (Mark E. Nevin)   3:32
  1. Cajun band   (Anthony Thistlewaite)   3:01
  2. Watching the party   (Mark E. Nevin)   3:30
  3. Ay fond kiss   (Robert Burns)   3:19

total time : 39:33

Q [magazine], issue Q46, July 1990, page 88 by Lloyd Bradley

the historic photograph used on the cover shows a Great Western Railway ‘Castle’ class locomotive (one of the batch of seven numbered 4073 to 4079) leaving Paddington station, London
Adrian Dover

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