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uk Infrasound CD J INFRA CD0003
[5 033826 031823]
uk Infrasound MC - ? 1998-11
cover art : not credited

Josef Greenfield tenor saxophone, hammer dulcimer, didgeridoo
Adrian Sykes synths and programming, flute, bamboo flute, jaw harp
Jon Maybey guitar, bass
with :
Mark Chillington live drums, percussion
Bhupinder Chaggar tabla
Eddi Reader vocals
Dharambir Singh sitar
produced by : Dave Creffield
recorded by : Dave Creffield at Beaumont Street Studios, Huddersfield, England, April-November 1998; vocals recorded at Matrix Studios, London
mixed by : Dave Creffield and Elephant Talk at Beaumont Street Studios, Huddersfield, England
mastered by : ? at ?

  1. Flyer   (Jon Maybey/Adrian Sykes/Josef Greenfield/Eddi Reader)   6:05
  2. Goats   (Jon Maybey/Adrian Sykes/Josef Greenfield)   6:48
  3. Tibet   (Jon Maybey/Adrian Sykes/Josef Greenfield/Eddi Reader)   6:01
  4. Head   (Jon Maybey/Adrian Sykes/Josef Greenfield)   4:56
  5. Katie   (Jon Maybey/Adrian Sykes/Josef Greenfield/Eddi Reader)   4:40
  6. Diggers   (Jon Maybey/Adrian Sykes/Josef Greenfield)   6:21
  7. Tamlin   (Scottish trad. arr. Jon Maybey/Adrian Sykes/Josef Greenfield)   4:44
  8. Jara   (Jon Maybey/Adrian Sykes/Josef Greenfield/Eddi Reader)   5:58

total time : 45:35

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