release details ‘Sings the songs of Robert Burns’ album insert (85% actual size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Rough Trade CD J RTRADECD097 2003-05-12
jp Victor CD J VICP-62427 2003
us Compass CD J 7 4368 2 2004-02-03
for details of the 2009 deluxe release, see The songs of Robert Burns
  the ‘E’ does not normally appear in Rough Trade
catalogue numbers but does in this one!
  includes one bonus track (see below)
cover art : Jeff Teader
photography : Colin Dunsmuir

Eddi Reader vocal, acoustic guitar
with :
Ian Carr acoustic guitar, piano
Phil Cunningham accordion, piano, whistles
Roy Dodds percussion
Christine Hanson cello
Boo Hewerdine acoustic guitar, backing vocal
John McCusker violin (= fiddle), cittern, whistles, backing vocal
Colin Reid acoustic guitar
Kate Rusby harmony vocal
Ewen Vernal double bass
Royal Scottish National Orchestra
conducted by Kevin McCrae :
strings, arranged by Kevin McCrae
1st violins: Edwin Paling, William Chandler, Tamas Fejes, Andrew Martin, Robert Yeomans, Barbara Paterson, Jane Reid, Gail Digney; 2nd violins: Rosalin Lazaroff, Jacqueline Speirs, Marion Wilson, Wanda Wojtasinska, Elizabeth Lloyd, Paul Medd; violas: John Harrington, Ian Budd, David Amon, Claire Dunn; cellos: Pauline Dowse, Jeremy Fletcher, Betsy Taylor, William Paterson; double basses: David Inglis, Robert Mitchell
produced by : Boo Hewerdine
recorded by : Robert Rankin at CaVa Studios, Glasgow – 2003-01
percussion recorded by Jon Kelly at ?
mixed by : Jon Kelly and Boo Hewerdine at ?
mastered by : Tim Young at Metropolis Studios, London

  1. Jamie come try me   (Robert Burns, arr. Eddi Reader/Ian Carr/Phil Cunningham/Christine Hanson/Boo Hewerdine/John McCusker/Colin Reid/Ewen Vernal)   4:41
  2. My love is like a red red rose   (Robert Burns, arr. Eddi Reader)   3:50
  3. Willie Stewart + Molly Rankin   (Robert Burns, arr. Eddi Reader/Ian Carr/Phil Cunningham/Boo Hewerdine/John McCusker/Ewen Vernal + John Morris Rankin)   4:18
  4. Ae fond kiss   (Robert Burns, arr. Eddi Reader/Ian Carr/Phil Cunningham/Boo Hewerdine/John McCusker/Ewen Vernal)   6:36
  5. Brose and butter (including Peniston Way instrumental)   (Robert Burns, arr. Eddi Reader/Ian Carr/Phil Cunningham/Boo Hewerdine/John McCusker/Ewen Vernal + Michael McGoldrick)   4:03
  6. Ye Jacobites   (Robert Burns, arr. Eddi Reader/Colin Reid)   4:03
  7. Wild mountainside   (John Douglas)   3:55
  8. Charlie is my darling   (Robert Burns, arr. Eddi Reader/Ian Carr/Phil Cunningham/Boo Hewerdine/John McCusker/Ewen Vernal)   3:22
  9. John Anderson my Jo   (Robert Burns, arr. Eddi Reader)   1:52
  1. Winter it is past   (Robert Burns, arr. Eddi Reader)   4:15
  2. Auld lang syne   (Robert Burns, arr. Eddi Reader)   4:37

total time : 45:34

bonus track on VICP-62427 :

  1. Green grow the rashes o   (Robert Burns, arr. Eddi Reader)   4:35

total time : 50:06

        printed on the track listings as ‘Green glow the rashes o’ !

sorry: illustration of promo cover not yet available
‘Sings the songs of Robert Burns’ promo CD insert (85% size)
promo details
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Rough Trade CD S? RTRADEPR097 2003-04-02
Black CD with clear plastic cover. Marked 'For Promotional Use Only'
promo material, etc.?
cover art : ?

Q [magazine], issue Q205, August 2003, p. 114
fROOTS, October 2003, no. 244, p. 75

‘This album is dedicated to the memory of the great Will Hastie of [the] Temperance Seven who played clarinet for my band Fairground Attraction and showed me how to sing Red Red Rose. “…and over the rooftops the stars glitter the skies…” XXX’ Eddi in the CD booklet. Will added his jazz clarinet to Clare and The game of love (b-side).

material from this album was premiered live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall as part of the Celtic Connections festival in January 2003
Adrian Dover

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