release details ‘Simple soul’ album insert (85% size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
us Compass CD J 7 4302 2 2001-01-09
uk Rough Trade CD J rtradecd011 2001-01-29
jp Universal CD J UICE-1007 2001-09-18
au Festival Mushroom Records CD J 334192 2001(-11?)
  includes two bonus tracks (see below)
cover art : Guy Skerman for Truly Scrumptious
(photo: Genevieve Stevenson)

Eddi Reader vocal, backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Boo Hewerdine acoustic guitar, backing vocals, glockenspiel, tambura, toy keyboard, harmonium
Teddy Borowiecki various keyboards, accordion, indian harmonium, tambura, whirly tube
Tim Harries bass guitar
Roy Dodds drums, percussion
with :
Dylan Bates violin
Simon Edwards guitaron
Adam Kirk dobro, acoustic and electric guitars
Dawson Salah Miller frame drum, udu
Johnny Scott pedal steel, acoustic guitar
produced by : Eddi Reader and Roy Dodds?
recorded by : Roy Dodds and Dave Dix at Driftwood Studios
mixed by : Roy Dodds
mastered by : Duncan Cowell at Sound Mastering

  1. Wolves   (Boo Hewerdine/Eddi Reader/Teddy Borowiecki)   4:30
  2. The wanting kind   (Boo Hewerdine/Eddi Reader)   3:55
  3. Lucky penny   (Boo Hewerdine/Eddi Reader)   3:30
  4. Simple soul   (Boo Hewerdine/Eddi Reader)   4:17
  5. Adam   (Roy Dodds/Adam Kirk/Boo Hewerdine/Eddi Reader)   4:33
  6. Footsteps fall   (Boo Hewerdine/Annette Bjergfeldt)   2:45
  7. Blues run the game   (Jackson C. Frank)   5:02
  8. I felt a soul move through me   (Graham Henderson/Boo Hewerdine/Eddi Reader/Roy Dodds)   3:50
  9. Prodigal daughter   (Boo Hewerdine/Eddi Reader)   3:39
  1. Eden   (Eddi Reader)   5:03
  2. The girl who fell in love with the moon   (Boo Hewerdine/Jacob Eriksen)   3:19

total time : 44:42

bonus tracks on UICE-1007 :

  1. Curragh of Kildare   (trad. arr. Eddi Reader)   3:43
  2. Good girl   (Eddi Reader)   4:11

This album was tentatively entitled Roadside songs in autumn 2000, with a slightly different track order, and this name seems to have made it into at least one online database – echoing what happened while Eddi and Warners argued about calling the Eddi Reader album Hush.
Adrian Dover

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