release details ‘Peacetime’ album insert (from
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Rough Trade CD J RTRADCD233
(ERCD003 )
jp Victor CD J VICP-63690 2007-01-24
us Compass CD § J 7 4449 2 2007-02-20
  catalogue number on the Eddi Reader website
  includes one bonus track (see below)
§   includes one (different) bonus track (see below)
cover art : Jeff Teader
photography : John Douglas

Eddi Reader vocal, acoustic guitar
with :
Ian Carr acoustic guitar
Roy Dodds drums, percussion
John Douglas acoustic and electric guitars, backing vocal
Boo Hewerdine acoustic guitar, electric guitar
John McCusker fiddle, cittern, piano, keyboards, tenor guitar
Michael McGoldrick (wooden?) flute, whistles, pipes
Ewen Vernal double bass
and guests :
Charlie Bessa-Reader flight-case percussion
Matt Broadbent tuba
Phil Cunningham accordion
Andy Cutting accordion
Rudi DeGroote cello
Richard Evans cornet
Kobus Frick viola
Gavin Hall flugel horn
Michael Howley euphonium
Alan Kelly accordion
Greg Lawson violin
Paul Livingston guitar
Kevin McGuire double bass
James Mackintosh percussion
Meg Reader-Thomson backing vocal
Richeal Reader-Thomson backing vocal
Donald Shaw harmonium, Wurlitzer
Fiona Stephen violin
Nick Stones french horn
Neil Yates brass
produced by : John McCusker
recorded by : Andy Seward at Pure Records Studio, Yorkshire, 2006;
additional recording at PawPaw Productions and Park Lane Studios, Glasgow;
additional engineering by Paul McGeechan and Keith Bird (at Park Lane?), Iain Graham (at PawPaw?) and Joe Rusby (at Pure?)
mixed by : Andy Seward assisted by John McCusker and Boo Hewerdine at Pure Records Studio, Yorkshire?
mastered by : Calum Malcolm at ?

  1. Baron’s heir + Sadenia’s air   (trad., arr. Eddi Reader/John McCusker/Boo Hewerdine/Ian Carr; John McCusker)   4:25
  2. Muddy water   (Boo Hewerdine)   3:35
  3. Mary and the soldier   (trad, arr. Eddi Reader/John McCusker/Boo Hewerdine/Ian Carr)   3:36
  4. Aye waukin-o   (Robert Burns, arr. Eddi Reader/John McCusker/Boo Hewerdine/Ian Carr)   4:04
  5. Prisons   (John Douglas)   2:38
  6. The shepherd’s song   (trad., arr. Eddi Reader/John Douglas)   3:36
  7. Ye banks and braes o’ bonnie Doon   (trad., arr. Robert Burns/Eddi Reader/John McCusker/Boo Hewerdine/Roy Dodds/Alan Kelly/Colin Reid/Kevin McGuire)   3:36
  8. Should I pray?   (John Douglas/Eddi Reader)   3:18
  9. The Afton   (Johnny Dillon)   4:37
  1. Leezie Lindsay   (trad. and Robert Burns/Eddi Reader/Boo Hewerdine)   4:47
  2. Safe as houses   (Eddi Reader/Boo Hewerdine)   3:53
  3. Galileo (someone like you)   (Declan O’Rourke)   3:10
  4. Peacetime   (Boo Hewerdine)   4:16   RTRADCD233 (UK) includes bonus song :
                The Calton weaver, or, Nancy Whisky   (trad., arr. Eddi Reader)   2:57, track total 7:40

total time : 52:57

bonus tracks on VICP-63690 (Japan) :

  1. Tinderheart   (Eddi Reader/Boo Hewerdine)   4:19
  2. The Calton weaver, or, Nancy Whisky   (trad., arr. Eddi Reader)   3:04

total time : 57:04

bonus tracks on 7 4449 2 (USA) :

  1. The Calton weaver, or, Nancy Whisky   (trad., arr. Eddi Reader)   3:09
  2. Ontario   (Boo Hewerdine)   3:39

total time : 56:30

fROOTS, no. 286, April 2007, p. 96

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