release details ‘Mirmama’ CD booklet cover (85% size)
UK and US booklet cover

‘Mirmama’ Japanese CD booklet cover (85% size)
Japanese booklet cover
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk RCA CD J PD 75156 1992-02-24
uk RCA MC - PK 75156 1992-02-24
uk RCA LP pb PL 75156 1992-02-24
jp RCA
(BMG Victor)
CD J BVCP-176 1992
uk RCA CD J 74321 15865 2 1993?
us Compass CD J 7 4242 2
jp BMG Japan CD J BVCM-37434 2003-10-22
  includes additional tracks (see below)
the Japanese releases dropped Eddi’s chosen title to become a traditional self-titled first solo album; matching this the packaging was replaced with photographs throwing the emphasis onto Eddi herself, with a cover featuring what looks like a redundant church somewhere (London or Glasgow?); the close-up photos in the booklet are very similar to the work of Jill Furmanovsky used on the All or nothing single but are not separately credited
cover art :
UK and US: Andrew Catlin (‘Angel whisker wings’: Craig Morrison)
Japan: design by Coil (photograph: Anoy Catlin)

Eddi Reader lead vocal, concertina
with: The Patron Saints of Imperfection :
Neill MacColl guitars, piano, autoharp, mandolin, backing vocals
Phil Steriopulos 5-string double bass
Roy Dodds drums, strange percussion
and guests :
Aly Bain fiddle
Kim Burton accordion, hammond organ
Jools Holland hammond organ, piano
Calum MacColl penny whistle, dulcimers, zither
Dominic Millar guitar
Huw Warren cello, piano, accordion, vibraphone
produced by : Eddi Reader and The Patron Saints of Imperfection
recorded by : Terry Medhurst at Helicon Mountain Studio, London;
some tracks’ basic work by Roy Dodds? at Shabby Road Studios, Kilmarnock
mixed by : Terry Medhurst? at Helicon Mountain Studio?
mastered by : ? at Townhouse?;   7 4242 2 remastered by Randy Leroy at Final Stage, Nashville, TN

  1. What you do with what you’ve got   (Si Kahn/Reader/Dodds)   4:38
  2. Honeychild   (Reader/MacColl/Dodds/Steriopulos)   5:11
  3. All or nothing   (Reader)   4:52
  4. Hello in there   (John Prine)   4:51
  5. Dolphins   (Fred Neil)   7:06
  6. The blacksmith   (trad. arr. Reader/Dodds/MacColl/Steriopulos)   6:13
  7. That’s fair   (Reader)   4:44
  8. Cinderella’s downfall   (Reader)   4:17
  9. Pay no mind   (Reader/Dodds)   4:53
  1. The swimming song   (Loudon Wainwright III)   1:53
  2. My old friend the blues   (Steve Earle)   3:08

total time : 52:15

additional tracks on BVCP-176 and BVCM-37434 :

  1. Broken vows   (Reader/Dodds)   5:09
  2. Ole buttermilk sky   (Hoagy Carmichael/Jack Brooks)   3:37
  3. I wish you were my boyfriend   (Reader/Dodds)   4:22
  4. The girl with the weight of the world in her hands   (Emily Saliers)   6:51

total time : 71:05

additional tracks on 7 4242 2 :

  1. Broken vows   (Reader/Dodds)   5:08
  2. The girl with the weight of the world in her hands   (Emily Saliers)   6:50

total time : 63:59

chart placings
UK (CIN) (published in the week after the sales period shown) :
  • 1992-03-07/P7D : 34
  • 1992-03-14/P7D : 56

Q [magazine], issue Q66, March 1992 (on sale 1992-02-05), page 80 (featured review)

the album title ‘Mirmama’ is derived from the Yugoslavian word for peace “mir”, and arose because Eddi heard a story about the appearance of a speaking Madonna in Herzegovina

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