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terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Rough Trade CD C RTRADCD454
(ltd rel. at gigs)
uk Rough Trade CD D RTRADCDX454 2009-04-13
jp Victor CD J? VICP-64749 2009-08-19
  includes two bonus tracks (see below)
cover art : Alison Fielding
(photos by: Iain Clark)

Eddi Reader vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar?
with :
Teddy Borowiecki piano, moog, hammond, bass accordion
Roy Dodds drums, percussion
John Douglas ukelele, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Stephen Douglas drums, backing vocals
Boo Hewerdine acoustic guitar, mellotron
Alan Kelly accordion
Kevin McGuire double bass
Jack Maher acoustic and electric guitars
and guests :
Zoe Beyers violin
Clea Friend cello
Donald Gillan cello
Christopher George violin
Roddy Hart piano
John McCusker cittern, whistles
Charlie Bessa Reader lead guitar
Sam Bessa Reader lead guitar
Meg Reader-Thompson chatter
Heidi Talbot harmony singing
produced by : Eddi Reader
recorded by : Mark Freegard at 3kyoti studio, Glasgow, 2008;
additional recording by Teddy Borowiecki in ‘his mum’s garage’, somewhere in Canada
mixed by : Mark Freegard and Eddi Reader at 3kyoti studio, Glasgow, 2008
mastered by : Mark Freegard at 3kyoti studio, Glasgow, 2008

  1. Dragonflies   (Boo Hewerdine)   5:15
  2. Silent bells   (Boo Hewerdine)   3:33
  3. New York city   (John Douglas)   5:12
  4. Dandelion   (Boo Hewerdine)   3:01   (3:02‡)
  5. Love is the way   (Declan O’Rourke)   4:47
  6. Sweet mountain of love   (Brian Wilson/Dave Sandler)   4:55
  7. Never going back again (Queen of Scots)   (Lindsey Buckingham, words arr. Eddi Reader)   3:15   (3:14‡)
  8. Over it now   (Eddi Reader/Boo Hewerdine)   3:55   (3:56‡)
  9. Fallen twice   (Jack Maher)   4:10
  1. It’s magic   (Sammy Cahn/Jule Steyne)   3:37
  2. Roses   (Eddi Reader/John Douglas)   4:15   (ltd ed. release 3:59‡)
  3. My shining star   (Sandy Wright)   4:02
  4. I won’t stand in your way   (John Douglas)   6:28

bonus tracks on VICP-64749 :

  1. Tomorrow night   (Sam Coslow/Will Grosz)   2:42
  2. Smile   (J[ohn] Douglas)   3:50

total time : 56:27,   ltd ed. release 56:12‡,   VICP-64749 62:59

‡ timings on the limited edition release (RTRADCD454)


having completed the album, Eddi persuaded Rough Trade to press up copies to sell at her UK gigs in October 2008, with a card sleeve showing the final cover art work on the front but with only a track-title listing, a band photo and the usual legal info on the back

the commercial release, six months later, has a remastered disc with slight variations in the track times, and one track which is either completely remixed with additional material or is a ‘take’ in a different arrangement (see details on the two relevant track pages); the band photo appears in the booklet, meaning the track listing on the back cover is in larger type; it seems that, to differentiate the releases, Rough Trade have used their special edition marker ‘X’ (see the deluxe Burns album details) in the catalogue number of the commercial release, rather than planning ahead and putting it on the earlier ‘gig’ version!

Adrian Dover

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