release details ‘Angels and electricty’ album cover/insert (85% actual size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Blanco y Negro CD J 3984-22816-2 1998-05-11
uk Blanco y Negro MC - 3984-22816-4 1998-05-11
jp Blanco y Negro CD J WPRC-1990 1998-06-25
us Compass CD J 7 4265 2 1999-03-23
  includes two bonus tracks (see below)
cover art : George Taylor of Fratelli Inc Ltd

Eddi Reader vocal, acoustic guitar
Boo Hewerdine acoustic guitar, bells, additional vocal
Johnny Scott pedal steel, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, dobro
Calum MacColl electric, slide and high-strung guitar, dulcimer, zither, thumb piano, additional vocal
Neill MacColl electric and acoustic guitars, bells
Teddy Borowiecki piano, Hammond organ, harmonium, keyboards, melodica
Graham Henderson Hammond organ, keyboards
Tim Harries 5-string electric bass, acoustic bass
Roy Dodds drums, percussion, hand claps, loop drumming
with :
The Electra Strings strings
Dinah Beamish cello
Brian Kennedy additional vocal
Rafe McKenna additional vocal
produced by : Eddi Reader and Boo Hewerdine
co-produced by : Rafe McKenna
recorded by : Barry Hammond at Chipping Norton Studios in 1997-04; Jon Inskip and James Loughrey at Britannia Row in 1997-07; Jeremy Gil at The Roundhouse in 1997-12; and Roy Dodds at his house on 1997-12-03
mixed by : Rafe McKenna at Britannia Row Studios and The Roundhouse Studios, London

  1. Kiteflyer’s Hill   (Mark E. Nevin)   6:06
  2. Prayer wheel   (Eddi Reader/Boo Hewerdine)   4:45
  3. Postcard   (Eddi Reader/Calum MacColl)   4:04
  4. Wings on my heels   (Boo Hewerdine)   4:45
  5. On a whim   (Ron Sexsmith)   3:09
  6. Hummingbird   (Boo Hewerdine)   4:35
  7. Barcelona window   (Eddi Reader/Boo Hewerdine)   4:17
  8. Bell, book and candle   (Boo Hewerdine)   4:13
  9. California   (Eddi Reader/Boo Hewerdine)   4:35
  1. Follow my tears   (Eddi Reader/Boo Hewerdine)   4:54
  2. Psychic reader   (Eddi Reader)   4:13
  3. Please don’t ask me to dance   (Boo Hewerdine)   3:24
  4. Clear   (Eddi Reader/Calum MacColl/Roy Dodds)   4:39

total time : 57:41

bonus tracks on WPCR-1990 :

  1. Homesick son   (Eddi Reader/Boo Hewerdine)   2:58
  2. St. Christopher   (Eddi Reader/Boo Hewerdine)   4:14

total time : 64:55

‘Angels and electricity’ promo CD insert (85% size) promo details
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk (all?) Blanco y Negro CD S PROP372 1998-04
the whole album, issued as a promo, in a slim-line case with a pale-blue insert giving track titles; it is not known what promotional material, if any, accompanied the CD when sent out

chart placings
UK (CIN) (published in the week after the sales period shown) :
  • 1998-05-10/P7D : 49
  • 1998-05-17/P7D : 64

Mojo [magazine], June 1998 (on sale 1998-05-15), page 108 (featured review by Chris Ingham)
Q [magazine], issue Q141, June 1998 (on sale 1998-05-01), page 122 (half-page advert on page 132)
Times [newspaper] 1998-05-08
Vox [magazine], June 1998
MediaOne Express (online magazine) 1998-09-28

UK release of this album was originally scheduled for the previous week, 1998-05-04 (yes, that was a UK bank holiday), but was put back because of the need to remove an intrusive brand-name ‘Hotpoint’ in one of the booklet illustrations

the album’s title is taken from a line in the song ‘Prayer wheel
Adrian Dover

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