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uk Topic CD Ddw TSCD571 2008-06-23
uk Three Black Feathers LP - TBFLP002 2009-10-01
  ltd collectors’ edition; comes with 7" containing
unreleased versions of tracks ‘Drink’ and ‘Lemady’
cover art : John Haxby
(photography: Tom Howard)

Eliza Carthy lead vocal, violin, octave violin, piano, tenor guitar, ukulele, one row melodeon
with :
Ben Ivitsky guitars, 5-string viola, stylaphone, cajon/moog, trombone, triangle, noises, rowing, backing vocal
Micky Marr bass guitar
Barnaby Stradling bass guitar
Donald Hay drums, percussion
Willy Molleson drums, drumtrak machine, cajon/moog, backing vocal
Barney Strachan organetta, drumtrak machine, backing vocal
and guests :
Lindsay Black backing vocal
Jon Boden violin, concertina, banjo, backing vocal
Marcus Britton trumpet
David ‘Demus’ Donnelly bass guitar
Olivia Furness tenor saxophone
Martin Green piano accordion, keyboard
Conrad Ivitsky double bass, backing vocal
Greg Ivitsky alto saxophone, backing vocal
Gideon Juckes tuba
Tim Lane trombone
Heather Macleod backing vocals
Tim Matthew narrator, violin
Joe Peat bass guitar
Eddi Reader
(credited as Eddie Reader)
backing vocal
Sarah Roberts backing vocal
Kaela Rowan backing vocal
Toby Shippey trumpet
Paul Sartin oboe
Emma Smith backing vocal
John Spiers melodeon, backing vocal
Robert McFall, Claire Stirling,
Brian Schieles, Su-a Lee
string quartet (arranged by Robert McFall)
Tom Lyne (bowed?) double bass
produced by : Ben Ivitsky and Eliza Carthy
recorded by : Ben Ivitsky, Barney Strachan, Eliza Carthy and Mattie Foulds at ?
mixed by : Ben Ivitsky, Adrian Bradley, Barney Strachan, Eliza Carthy and Micky Marr at ?
mastered by : ? at ?
LP remastered at Abbey Road

  1. Follow the dollar   (Eliza Carthy/Ben Ivitsky)   3:40
  2. Two tears   (Eliza Carthy/Ben Ivitsky)   4:14
  3. Rows of angels   (Eliza Carthy/Ben Ivitsky)   3:13
  4. Rosalie   (Eliza Carthy/Ben Ivitsky)   3:45
  5. Mr Magnifico   (Eliza Carthy/Ben Ivitsky)   6:06
  6. Like I care (Wings)   (Eliza Carthy/Ben Ivitsky)   3:29
  7. Lavenders   (Eliza Carthy/Ben Ivitsky)   4:20
  8. Little bigman   (Eliza Carthy/Ben Ivitsky)   5:01
  9. Simple things   (Eliza Carthy/Ben Ivitsky)   4:22
  1. Hug you like a mountain   (Rory Macleod)   4:30
  2. Oranges and seasalt   (Eliza Carthy/Ben Ivitsky)   3:36

total time : 46:18

although credited as ‘Eddie’ (twice) in the booklet’s track credits, Eddi’s name is spelled correctly in the ‘thanks’ section of the CD sleeve: some editorial control required, methinks!
Adrian Dover