release details ‘Tilt’ album cover/insert (85% size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Topic CD J TSCD530 2001-01-01
cover art : The art surgery
(photo: Tom Howard)

Colin Reid guitar
with :
Maire Breatnach viola
Brian Connor piano
John Fitzpatrick violin
Boo Hewerdine acoustic guitar, vocals
Andrew Lavery kit
Gino Lupari bodhran, shaker
Neil Martin cello
Oleg Ponomarev violin
Eddi Reader vocal, backing vocal
Alan Shields double bass
produced by : Colin Reid
recorded by : Michael Keeney at Green Dolphin Studios, Belfast
mixed by : Michael Keeney at Green Dolphin Studios, Belfast
mastered by : ? at ?

  1. Rocket   (Colin Reid)   3:27
  2. Music for a found harmonium   (Simon Jeffs)   3:58
  3. The queen of two rooms   (Colin Reid)   5:21
  4. Never going back again   (Lindsey Buckingham)   2:48
  5. Crimes against music, part II   (Colin Reid)   3:08
  6. The Spanish man   (Colin Reid)   3:38
  7. Liam   (Colin Reid)   2:59
  8. Rise   (Colin Reid)   4:27
  9. Seed on the wind   (Boo Hewerdine/Colin Reid)   4:19
  1. Twosticks   (Colin Reid)   3:28
  2. Dædalus’ lament   (Colin Reid)   3:36
  3. The clay pigeon rag   (Colin Reid)   4:13

total time : 45:24

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