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uk Compact Organization 2LP PACT 6 1984[-12?]
the cover has the subtitle ‘pens, guns and riffs from the Compact Organization’ using what seems to have been a favourite phrase of theirs; the disc labels don’t carry the album title or subtitle, being headed ‘C/O | The Compact Organization’
both discs occupy a single sleeve, which also contains a poster/lyrics sheet (folded into six) and a survey card; the poster advertises ‘1985’ and the lyrics sheet a January 1985 single release for one of the bands, implying a late 1984 release for this compilation
cover art : Peter Vandeburg

various (see the track listing below)
produced by : Tot Taylor and/or some of the contributors
recorded by : Mike Brown, Colin James, Nic Kinsey or Tony Phillips at various studios? (chiefly Wave Studios Complex?)
mixed by : various people at various studios?
mastered by : ? at ?

side 1
  1. Fontana Mix :   From a speeding car   (Michael Atavar)   4:18
  2. Floyd :   Soul fever   (Floyd)   2:22
  3. The Bushmen :   ‘Love like law’   (Alex Bradley/Martin James/Gary Sherman/Paul Tripper)   4:33
  4. The Sound Barrier :   Bank holiday   (Teddy Johns)   2:04
  5. Mari Wilson :   Let’s make this last   (Teddy Johns)   7:42
side 2
  1. The Academy of Fine Popular Music :   Heart and soul   (Mark E. Nevin)   2:58
  2. Virna Lindt :   Windmills of your mind   (Alan Bergman/Marilyn Bergman/Michel Legrand)   2:12
  3. Paul Bevoir :   It’s gotta stop somewhere   (Paul Bevoir)   2:46
  4. Oceans Eleven :   Back to back   (Crispin Cole)   3:56
side 3
  1. Floyd :   Mass production   (Floyd)   3:31
  2. Virna Lindt :   Wild strawberries   (Virna Lindt/Tot Taylor)   4:05
  3. The Bushmen :   Grind   (Alex Bradley/Martin James/Gary Sherman/Paul Tripper)   3:57
  4. Mari Wilson :   I’m happy just to dance with you   (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)   2:54
side 4
  1. Fontana Mix :   The feeling house   (Michael Atavar)   3:47
  2. The Sound Barrier :   After the gymkhana   (Teddy Johns)   2:46
  3. Mari Wilson :   Let me dream   (Teddy Johns)   3:59
  4. Virna Lindt :   Trailers from ‘Shiver’   (Virna Lindt/Tot Taylor)   2:58
  5. The Academy of Fine Popular Music :   The morning after   (Mark E. Nevin)   4:09

total times :   1:21:04,   2:11:58,   3:14:32,   4:17:49
whole :65:23

Teddy Johns is an alias of Tot Taylor, the driving force behind the Compact Organization
Adrian Dover